Gameplay in – Season 2021 | Dev Video

Let’s recap some of ’s recent updates and look towards the future. Stay tuned for details on Ranked, Clash, progression systems, and more.

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League of Champion – Fighter .

Once of a long-lost kingdom, Viego perished over a thousand years ago when his attempt to bring his wife back from the dead triggered the magical catastrophe known as the Ruination. Transformed into a powerful, unliving wraith tortured by an obsessive longing for his centuries-dead queen, Viego now stands as the , controlling the deadly Harrowings as he scours Runeterra for anything that might one day restore her, and destroying all in his path as the Black Mist pours endlessly from his cruel, broken heart.

League of Legends Teams – Upstairs.

There have been many rumors about Team OG in the recent past. Apparently the opinions about the course of the tournament and success differ greatly. For the year 2018, the team could not show any notable successes and many bad followers speak more of a surprise qualification. Nevertheless, the team does not look at an empty medal wall in the living room, as they won the Kiev Major in 2017. Furthermore, the team was able to pocket money and titles at the Manila Major 2016,./p>

League of Legends – Skins-Battle Academia.

The most important answer right up front (don’t tell us we’re making you wait for the good stuff): The skins will be released with patch 11.6 on March 17, after the PBE servers have had their fun with them. Until then, we’ll have to be patient… unfortunately. But have you seen what they look like yet? Go for it!

League of Legends Guides- Eclipse.

You look in the item store and almost get an epileptic seizure? All the bonuses, Legendary, Mythics, you can’t keep track anymore? Do you just want to go back to “the old days” when Lee Sin could still buy Sightstone?

LoL League of Legends – Patch 10.16 – Yone, Yasuo Buffs and much more.

We have already reported about Yasuo’s fallen brother Yone in previous articles. So you’ll be happy to know that Yone will be joining Summoner’s Rift in patch 10.16. After the release of Lillia, who seems to be long forgotten, Yone’s kit brings new creativity to his playstyle. Of course, we have prepared a video with all the details:

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44 Replies to “Gameplay in – Season 2021 | Dev Video”

i went in clash twice this season
the first one we won! the second one we were gonna win buuut the client…. ya know… ahem it didnt let us join the game cough

THANK YOU, finally riot is finding a way to punish inters and afkers, not only that, u can mitigate a loss and/or lose less lp if u had afker in ur game in ranked.

Ranked 3 first games I had trolls and lost them I won the next 7 and was placed from Gold4 to Silver4 so there was no change there. Clash crashed 2 times in the shadow iles cup I lost my blue essence and did not get the banner. So in EUNE there was no changes.

dafuk is that lie, this season i had players in a 80 porc of my game whoe goes and fight all the time even if its he 1/7/0. even ehen all of fights he made were lost, always facheck enemy jungles, toplane had more vision score in 30 min than a support, im in gold now and blits system sws that as a topliner i had more vision than an chalanger, imagine guys how bad is this rank, i have my own jungler who almost evey game gave S after muchups and only me and himknows when to fight, were to go, but mid and bot most of the time grifieg, feeding and just going in to fight when its always lost, this game never gonna imroove this game time by time gonna go down, couse many players trying new champs in rank games instead of playing main champs and main rolls. all RIOT GAMES says its a lie, just to avoid they misstakes. They just wanna refresh the game as they say by realising chamos and peoples goes with them in rank games the same day it was realised, thats BS. just do something else already ,we need REAL REAFRESH not just a champ, we main chams to win, not to just fun, ban feeders, band leavers, ive been reoprting them since the beginning of the new season and havent got a single message from them that it was effective report, even mine midlaner was going in to enemies team and just die 3 games in the roll, the same guy was feeding enemies, how does they even care about players when they have billions of dollars, just stop playing this game goona helpt this stupid comapany to think about what they are doing instead of talking!!!!!!!!!

New shop has my back? According to your new shop Swain mid starts with frostfang or relic shield, and doesn't drop that recommendation even after I buy a doran's ring and lane for 5 minutes.

On the LP side, it is really a kick in the nuts for people like me who return to the game after an entire season away to grind from IRON 4. At least give us the placement series under new account rules. I spent the whole season 2020 just getting back to silver. Really frustrating to come back to the game and get that as a welcome back gift.

Please dear god that mastery stuff needs to happen. You guys put it in the game YEARS AGO and have done nothing with it since. The stuff you showed in this vid would be such a good step to start with expanding on the system.

you guys can make all the gameplay-system changes you want –in an attempt to "motivate" people re. winning matches–but if you don't address the long-standing problems with match-up disparity, coomers in champ select ruining the vibe with comments about how hard their doink is, or throwing reports in the garbage because you don't feel like paying more than a dozen people to process them then it doesn't mean jack-squat.

all these new changes in the advent of the new LoL season but it still feels like the same old, depressive slog-fest. you guys are like the Motel 6 of video-game development.

Лучше сделали подбор на каждый бой и были равные соперники, чтобы не было как сейчас сильные соперники играют против слабых и результат закономерен и заранее известен, сильные побеждают слабаков! Это главное чтобы не было дезертиров и феер плей всё должно быть честно .

Многие бросают игру после не честного подбора игроков, знают на перёд что чтобы не сделали всё равно проиграют. Максимум выдерживают до 20 уровня ,а потом либо бросают игру и ищут другую , либо играют против ботов.

Менеджеры игры должны задуматься об этом, чтобы исправить эту ошибку и привлечь таким способом больше игроков в Лигу Легенд, они повторяют туже ошибку , что и игра Прайм Ворлд.

Just because you ignore this message and your responsibilities.

​I only want to have fun and relax while playing this game, but people always ruin my games and my day.

It is not normal that every game or every other game someone says 'EZ' or other things like this. Beside some contact sports, this behavior is not tolerated in many other games or sports. And I can assure you if we were to play face-2-face many players will not have the courage to do this as they would instantly get slapped just as they should. I don't believe you would agree with players that are participating in officials events, to take the mike after the game and proceed with shaming their opponents.

In so many years of this game, you have done progress but still are unable to control your community. I do not understand why you are so unwilling to help this game progress, since I believe you are not clueless in this regard. All you have to do is introduce a new category for specifically reporting players with this type of behavior and actually do the reports, with 3 misbehaving in a short period resulting in suspension and then a BAN from the game (or idk think of something yourselves). Why are you people so keen on keeping players that don't want to at least try and behave and are pulling down the community and totally ruining the game.

I know this game has many kids and they are hard to deal with, but considering it's your game, I'd say it is also your responsibility to at least try, which you don't seem eager on doing at all. And considering you already have a BAN system, which indicates you agree that some behaviors cannot be tolerated, I think you should also consider this particular behavior as it always has been around in the game.

'Ez' might not mean much I know, but for many it totally ruins the mood, and I don't think that taking some actions regarding this behavior is that hard, especially considering you are a company with a big revenue.

All I am asking is that you show a little concern for you game and the people playing it. And to give me that new report category.

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