GEN Chovy MID Lee Sin Domination

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League of Champion – Mage Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia is a deadly creature bent on manipulating others to her will. Youngest and most beautiful daughter of the noble Du Couteau family of Noxus, she ventured deep into the crypts beneath Shurima in search of ancient power. There, she was bitten by a gruesome tomb guardian, whose venom transformed her into a viper-like predator. Cunning and agile, Cassiopeia now slithers under the veil of night, petrifying her enemies with her baleful gaze.

League of Legends Teams – PSG.LGD.

PSG.LGD Team LogoThe PSG can do more than just football, they prove to us every year in Dota 2. Because the team is by no means a newcomer, as many might think. After FTD (For The Dream) accepted sponsorship from PSG and renamed themselves PSG.LGD in spring 2018. With the financial upswing came success on the battlefield and PSG won the EPICENTER XL and also swept TEAM Liquid 3-1 off the field.

League of Legends – Skins-Debonair.

Some time ago fans could already vote which skin line Riot Games should release next. The clear winner was the Crime City Nightmare skin line, which was also released this summer, but Riot Games has promised another skin line – Debonair 2.0.

League of Legends Guides- Zeri Champion Building.

2022 is already starting with a bang. Zeri has just been announced as the new LoL champion and can already be tested on the PBE server. She is electrifying, plays pretty fast and resembles the new agent Neon in this respect.

LoL League of Legends – Patch 11.19 Patch Notes Highlights.

LoL Patch 11.19 for Worlds 2021 is finally live, and with it comes a slew of champion buffs and the release of the first female Yordle since 2012. We’re gearing up for the biggest event of the year! Patch 11.19 contains the final adjustments before the action begins on October 5.

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18 Replies to “GEN Chovy MID Lee Sin Domination”

0:37 Chovy goes from 188 AD to 221 AD in a matter of second due to Hydra stacking and Yuumi. That's a 33 AD difference out of nowhere. It's three fucking long swords and a bit on top *from fucking nowhere*. Also I like how Baus is just an honorary Korean now.

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