German Twitch streamers discover a new trend

It’s no secret that many Germans love soccer. Now, some Twitch streamers and YouTubers are discovering this fondness as well. Most recently, Maximilian “Trymacs” Stemmler and his team SSV Hardstuck had their very first cup match against 5th league team Eimsbütteler TV.

What is it with soccer and twitch streamers? Back in late 2021, Germany’s biggest streamer eliasn97 founded his club Delay Sports Berlin and was already rocking his first games. He made it to No. 4 in gaming trends with the YouTube video for it and achieved 715,000 views to date.

Knossi also sponsored a soccer team, SC Baden-Baden aka the “Knossis Kickers” and was live at games (via YouTube). Viewers celebrated the video and demanded more such content in the comments.

Now Trymacs had his first cup match and had to play against the 5th league team Eimsbütteler TV, the top league from Hamburg. His associated YouTube video also made it into the trends in the “Gaming” category – and even to 2nd place.

This is how the game went from SSV Hardstuck against Eimsbütteler TV

The match was played in secret and the fans were not informed because Trymacs could not provide security yet. Many team members were absent from the match because they were either sick or “not there”.

In addition, the team had 2 wildcard members who were not permanent members of the team, but were allowed to play in the game.

The team was “wildly thrown together”, partly did not know the names of the players and Trymacs saw the whole thing rather loosely. Nevertheless, he scored his 1st goal and also gave an assist. So they finished with a 2:5 not so bad and “performed mega”.

What does the community say? There are many users in the comments of the video who want more.


  • Niklas praises, “Sick project! Trymacs never disappoints us when it comes to entertainment!”
  • Sondo81 is excited: “This is exactly what I wanted to see! Really awesome. Fouls, goals and blind Shiri, that is district league! Best now train every day endurance, then I see there potential up! Jan really good.”
  • A Certain Accelerator says: “I’m not really a soccer fan, but the video was very entertaining. Mega cool project and props to the editor(s).”
  • JohnXD7 notes, “Mega good project. Now if only your goalie would actually move and pike (no offense), you guys could actually be a really good team.”


Occasionally, some commentators even give on the lineup and advise the team to train. They see potential in the team and are convinced that with commitment they could even beat eliasn97’s team.

What do you think of the streamers’ current soccer projects? Do you find it exciting and a welcome change from gaming or is it rather not for you? Feel free to write us in the comments.


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