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Always go all out. Prestige K’Sante, designed in collaboration with Lil Nas X.

created in partnership with Lightfarm Studios.

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The Hunter’s Pride | K’Sante Champion Teaser

Defeat Your Monster | K’Sante Cinematic

K’Sante – Champion Trailer

K’Sante – Champion Theme

K’Sante Abilities Rundown

Champion Insights: K’Sante Article

K’Sante – Champion Page


Champion – Marksman Sivir.


Sivir is a renowned mercenary captain who plies her trade in the deserts of Shurima. Armed with her legendary jeweled crossblade, she has fought and won countless battles for those who can afford her services, and prides herself on recovering lost treasures from the catacombs beneath the old empire—for a generous share of the profits, of course. With ancient forces stirring the very bones of Shurima, Sivir now finds herself torn between conflicting destinies…


League of Legends Teams – Pain Gaming.


Another newcomer to the Dota universe. The franchise is known from other titles, for example: LoL, Vainglory, Clash Royale and Overwatch. So now paiN Gaming wants to gain a foothold in #Valve’s masterpiece. The team made a playful rocket launch and left analysts in awe. The team took third place de novo at ESL One Birmingham 2018 and second place at WESG 2017.


League of Legends Skins-Space Groove.


On Wednesday the LoL Patch 11.6 came out and brought not only the Battle Academia Skins, but also some Balance Changes. Champions, Runes, Items and even Summoner Spells. Will LoL Patch 11.7 be as extensive?


League of Legends Guides- Hextech Rocketbelt.


Do you like AP champions with damage? Then get Rocketbelt and let’s go! You don’t always need AD comps to maul enemies with items like Eclipse, Duskblade, or Prowler’s Claw. No, you can do the same with the Hextech Rocketbelt… if you are know-how. But that’s what we are here for today.


LoL League of Legends – Teamfight Tactics: Patch 10.16 – a space hunk.


The developers of Games are taking a short but well-deserved summer break. Patch 10.17 will therefore be very compact. All the bigger is patch 10.16. Today has all kinds of changes in store for you. In the following we go through everything step by step and easily digestible and analyze the most important buffs, nerfs and changes.




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