HandOfBlood founds Eintracht Spandau

YouTuber Maximilian Knabe, better known as HandOfBlood, has founded the Esports team Eintracht Spandau in League of . With this, he started directly in the highest German league and wants to win the EU Masters in the next two years, the highest title directly behind the LEC. But the league’s opening match went anything but well.

Update January 15: Also the second match against the second team of SK Gaming was lost. Both in the planing phase and in later team fights weaknesses showed up, which are not uncommon with newly formed teams.

What kind of team is this?

  • According to HandOfBlood, Eintracht Spandau is supposed to shake up the Esports scene because they want to provide more identification and storytelling. Again and again, therefore, virtual and posed press conferences are recorded, in which the YouTuber comments on questions from “journalists”. However, these questions come from his employees.
  • There was a big staging around the announcement of its own squad. In fun, there were negotiations with bigger names like PowerOfEvil, one of the most successful German players. Rekkles, one of the world’s strongest players in the AD carry position, was also “rumored” by the team itself. Both of them already participated in the World Championships in LoL several times.
  • In the end, however, the team consists of rather “normal players”, some of whom have also previously played in the Prime League, comparable leagues or in Academy teams of Schalke and Fnatic. Nevertheless, the team wants to win the EU Masters within the next two years. The best teams from Europe that do not play in the LEC compete in this tournament.
  • On Tuesday, January 11, Eintracht Spandau opened the Prime League with a match against Gamer Legion. But while HandOfBlood called the duel an “easy walkover” in the “press conference”, the match didn’t go well at all for Eintracht Spandau.

Mistakes in the botlane and problems in team play

How did the match against Gamer Legion go? Rather modestly. Especially in the first minutes the Botlane around AD-Carry Leander “Kynetic” Sydekum and Olivier “Prime” Payet played very aggressive and forced fights again and again. They relied on the combination of Jhin and Leona.

However, at the crucial moment and with a bit of luck, Gamer Legion was able to counter and secure First Blood on their own AD carry. After that, Gamer Legion dominated with Caitlyn on the botlane, due to her long range and slight gold advantage, which then kept expanding. The first dragon also went to Gamer Legion.

From then on Gamer Legion dominated every team fight and after a desperate fight for the Baron, in which Eintracht Spandau lost 3 players at once, they ended the match after almost 30 minutes. Overall, HandOfBlood’s team looked very uncoordinated and chanceless in the battles. However, Eintracht Spandau was also only founded in the first place at the end of 2021 and announced the roster of players very late. It can be assumed that the team is simply not well-rehearsed yet.

“We know what we need to work on, but it will take some time”.

How do the players and the YouTuber react? So far, there is no video from Eintracht Spandau on the opener. However, fans can probably expect another “press conference” shortly.

In the livestream of the Prime League, however, the supporter Olivier “Prime” Payet expressed himself in an interview. There he said, “It was nice. Of course we lost, it sucks, but I felt the support of the fans before and after the game. We are aware of where we made mistakes and what we need to work on, but it will take some time.”

Team impresses with attendance and fan support: Even if the start in the Prime League was not successful, the team of Eintracht Spandau has something to celebrate. Because they showed the match live on their own Twitch channel, which in the meantime had almost as many viewers as the official stream. The Twitter channel also praises the support of the fans, who cheered on the team from Berlin in large numbers. The defeat is said to have been a step backwards, but now they want to “clean up the field from behind”.

What do you think of Eintracht Spandau? Are you fans of it or could you at least imagine becoming a fan of this team? And how do you see the long term chances? Feel free to write it in the comments.

Friday also sees the start of the highest European league, the LEC. There we can expect an almost completely renewed G2 Esports:

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