HOLIDAY 2021 PACK! - Rainbow Six Siege

HOLIDAY 2021 PACK! – Rainbow Six Siege


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FIFA 22 Top Matches SBC (Marquee Matchups) – Cheapest Solution and Rewards


In FIFA 22 there are the weekly top matches SBC again. Which matches are represented and how can you complete the challenges favorably? Of course, as always, we are here to help you.The weekend is coming and with it we get a new Top Matches SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – Hurray! So shortly before the next FUT event it’s always worth to equip your club with some new packs. No, unfortunately not with the best packs in FIFA 22, but at least with very solid sets.


FIFA 22 RTTF Tracker: All Final Upgrades


The Road to the Final-Promo in FIFA 22. We tell you how the RTTF event for the Ultimate Team works and of course who has a special card. Furthermore you can find all current ratings and upgrades of the Road to the Final players. The final is coming


MLS TOTS in FIFA 22 – Mukhtar, Castellanos & Gil now live!


The football season is slowly entering the decisive phase: in the Champions League, some absolute cracker matches are waiting for us and in FIFA 22 we also have the Team of the Season – after the TOTY in January, probably the second biggest event of the year.




The two players from Team FUTWIZ are familiar with the international scene. They’ve featured in global tournaments on and off since FIFA 17, with Marko’s participation in the FeWC standing out. Can the long-time teammates now also reach the top of the Team of the Season Cup?


FIFA 22: TOTW 2 with Benzema and Gabriel Jesus


Let’s go! The second FIFA 22 Team of the Week is here. Who is in it? Are there any surprises? We tell you all that in this article. FIFA 22 is here and we have already sweated into it. In the general test, the new FIFA scores quite well. Sure, you just have to wait for the first patches until you can assess: Is FIFA 22 a good game?



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FIFA 22 is still in full operation, but in the background the game makers of EA Sports are already working on the next part – FIFA 23 will be released in autumn 2022.

But under which name will the classic game be continued in autumn 2022? As things stand, it is not at all certain that the game will continue to bear the name of the world association FIFA. We have the most important information about FIFA 23 for you, why the game series will get a new name and on which consoles the next part of the soccer simulation will be available.


We can’t give you an official launch date for the next part of the FIFA game series yet. EA hasn’t communicated much in this regard yet, so so far we can only assume that FIFA 23 will be released in the period between mid-September and early October 2022, just like its predecessors. In the past years, the latest launch date of a FIFA game was October 06.

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