Hop On | Lunar Revel 2023 Cinematic

Thank you to #LeagueofLegends – Topic for uploading this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUSOUGCH3X0

All aboard—we’re taking off! Come along on this magical bus for the adventure of a lifetime!

Video created in collaboration with BUCK.

Music by: George Shaw
Additional Campaign Composers: Nikhil Koparkar and Dan Negovan

Dizi: Ashley Jarmak
French Horn: Dylan Hart
Pipa and Ruan: Celia Liu

Musician Contractor: Noah Gladstone
Recording Engineer: Adam Michalak
Recorded at Hollywood Scoring, Los Angeles
Supervised by: Kole Hicks
Executive Producer: Riot Music Team

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45 Replies to “Hop On | Lunar Revel 2023 Cinematic”

I dislike riot games for some years now, but I must admit this Cinematic dosen't deserve the hate. It's really well made, even brought a tear in my eye.
It's not fair for the ppl who made this awesome short. The like/dislike ratio is 50/50.

Their marketing went to Lunar Revel cinematic instead of season cinematic is maybe because of the SEA migration. They know this region has Chinese New Year as one of the main holiday like Christmas, an opportunity to make more money. And if they can spend less on season cinematic, they can net even MORE. 😂

Honestly can't wait for League to die so that Valorant can get the rest of their workforce and budget.

Riot should just pull the plug already on League, this slow death will just hurt them in PR.

Rip it off like a band aid; the old king is dead, long live the new king.

This is a great animation. Unfortunately, it was released right after a disaster so there is a ton of collateral damage. The dislikes on this video do not reflect its quality.

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