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Forget , or support – This is MID.
This Player invented a new Full AD Build and Hit MASTER EUW.
I Interviewed him to find out how he did it?

His Account: This video was started in Mid 2022 – after the Durability Patch.
I then unfortunatly Lost the topic, then rediscovered it in December.
I interviewed him again to see if it was still viable, and he said YES!
So here is one of his Master+ accounts (Check the Tier history on the downwards arrow to see Proof)
It has now decayed due to inactivity, but is still a viable pick!


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00:00 AD Sylas?
00:52 A Special Surprise
01:50 The Story of AD Sylas + ‘Twixzel’
02:47 Why AD SYLAS?
03:30 The 1 Line of Text – that Changed Everything
04:00 Another Line of Text making it Strong
04:48 Laning – Not an AD Champion?
06:20 Why this Works?
06:47 Win fights without hitting anything
07:09 Get kills that AP could not
07:25 Teamfights – Time to Tank
07:50 NEW ULTS to Steal
11:00 AD + Ban
11:15 How to Test it

#Sylas #Mid #leagueoflegends

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#LeagueofLegends #Skins-Bee.

Honestly, after this news, the very first thing I did was watch Bee Movie again. After this video I had an epileptic fit for a moment, then it was ok again. Yes, the bee skins are not very fancy, but all the cuter for it. And that’s all we want. Okay, enough ranting, let’s take a look at the skins!

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33 Replies to “How an AD SYLAS got MASTER”

in like 8 months ago i liked to play sylas with sunderer and hydra
a good combo working on the healing, cdr and the passive of hydra

I played ad sylas some months ago too, i even had a similar build. i started mostly with tear and then got divine into bork into manamune, it was alot of fun tbh, funny to hear somenoe climbed with that build lol..

with all these 11 minutes of bullshiting, the person who actually play this build first will say " i just want to try AD sylas" who knows some one saw it and bullshit all the way until a 11minute video appear in YT

"How can this possibly work" cuz that champion is ridiculously brain dead broken. Oh he has 5% hp? No worries, he heals 100% of the damage of he does along with now AD healing items. Super hard to play that champ. Riot made this game so any infant can play this game and be good at it. Not very much skill needed anymore to play this game.

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