HOW are they gonna Stop this ARMY?!

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Ever wanted get 6 attackers while only attacking with 1 unit? Well there u go, enjoy!
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00:00 Intro
00:08 Deck Building
02:42 Game 1
11:21 Game 2
23:56 Game 3
34:31 Game 4

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Legend lor
Legend #Runeterra

Big content creators like Snnuy, Mogwai, GrappLr, MajinBae, Alanzq and freshlobster all love LoR. May it be Ranked, Seasonals, showcasing the best decks or new decks, deck guides or new events, we all share the same passion. I started playing this game because I love #LeagueofLegends and of #Runeterra is based on Champions from LoL. Thank you #RiotGames for this amazing digital collectible card game ♡

#TheLegendXXVII #Legendsof#Runeterra #lor

#LeagueofLegends Champion – Fighter Swain.

Jericho Swain is the visionary ruler of Noxus, an expansionist nation that reveres only strength. Though he was cast down and crippled in the Ionian wars, his left arm severed, he seized control of the empire with ruthless determination… and a new, demonic hand. Now, Swain commands from the front lines, marching against a coming darkness that only he can see—in glimpses gathered by shadowy ravens from the corpses all around him. In a swirl of sacrifice and secrets, the greatest secret of all is that the true enemy lies within.

#LeagueofLegends Teams – Newbee.

The year is 2014 – Newbee spread fear and terror among the established Dota 2 teams. We also like to remember their spectacular victory at the TI4, which made the Vici Gaming fans gape. Because in just 15 minutes the team won the final in the International.

#LeagueofLegends #Skins-Arcana.

Who would have thought that the Arcana skins would be the next series to be released by Riot? Of course, Arcana Ahri was leaked ages ago, but we had assumed that the EDG Championship skins would be released with this patch.

#LeagueofLegends Guides- Yone, the unforgettable warrior.

We continue with our League Of Legends Champion Guide series. Every week we will show you and tricks around the most popular heroes from the Rift. Today with the anime Samurai Sword Hasaki Brother. He’s the permaban in our Rankeds, the tilt blade that stabs at our heart: in our guide today, Yone.

LoL #LeagueofLegends – Worlds 2020: All news and participants.

The #LeagueofLegends World Championship 2020 in Shanghai will take place with only 22 of the originally planned 24 participants. Riot confirmed that the two teams from Vietnam will not participate in the Worlds. The other participants have already been confirmed.

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