How casual will WotLK Classic be?

When we looked back on WoW Classic last yearWe came to the conclusion that the vanilla re-release is much more casual and twink-friendly than many parts of it were in 2005 and 2006. The main reason for this is certainly the low difficulty of the dungeon and raid challenges. If you didn’t focus on the best possible logs or blatant speedrun records, you were able to complete most of the instanced content without spending a lot of time in the ID cycle. It wasn’t until Phase 6 and Naxxramas that the effort required for weekly preparation increased.

Thanks to the boosting meta, it was again easy to get multiple twinks to level 60 without too much time investment. Even the biggest twink shufflers in our guild had multiple characters at max level. And thanks to Zul’Gurub and co., you could equip them quite properly in record time. However, apart from Naxxramas, the honor system, in which the time invested is the most important currency, was not at all casual-friendly.

How casual-friendly was TBC Classic?

In Outland, casual players could then breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. World buffs don’t matter here, and the consumables adjustments mean that players can only take a very limited number of vials, elixirs, and the like (specifically, one vial or the combination of combat and guardian elixirs is allowed, plus buff foods, weapon oils/weapons/poisons, and special items like resistance potions). In the TBC era, however, there are several elaborate attunement quest series and countless reputation requirements that must be completed if you want to see the inside of certain instances early on. In these, you can expect challenges that are, on average, much more challenging than those from WoW. (buy now ) Classic. This costs more time (and gold, especially for all the haste or destruction potions that you throw in like Tic Tac).

Naxxramas was not only very easy in WotLK, you can also tackle the raid with only ten players.

Naxxramas was not only very easy in WotLK, you can also tackle the raid with only ten players. – Source: Blizzard


WotLK Classic brings more options

Whereas in the TBC era there were basically only two raid instances aimed at a casual target audience (Karazhan and Zul’Aman), Wrath of the Lich King offers significantly more choice. First, because all the raid challenges are available in a 10-player and 25-player variant. Secondly, because the developers have also introduced additional difficulty levels or optional hard modes in the course of the expansion. And thirdly, the victors of Thousand Winters can challenge up to four different world bosses in Archavon’s Chamber, which are very simple across the board.

In addition, there are no more lengthy Attunement quests in Northrend, and you don’t have to farm for Resistance gear either. Groups of 10 players who want to defeat all the bosses on the normal difficulty level and without hard modes should therefore be able to master the entire raid content of WotLK Classic in comparatively little time across all stages.

Ulduar features several optional hard modes that casual raid groups can ignore.

In Ulduar, there are several optional hardmodes that can ignore casual raid groups. – Source: Blizzard

In the dungeon area, there are the familiar options from TBC Classic with Normal and Heroic, although it is certainly stupid for many casual players that the automated dungeon browser introduced with patch 3.3 will not come. On the plus side, the balance in patch 3.3.5 of WotLK was quite good. That is, almost every specialization delivers well enough to contribute in casual raids.

The leveling phase in Northrend

In the original Wrath of the Lich King, it took just 27 hours for the Warlock Nymh from the European server Drek’thar to reach level 80. World First! The player spent most of the leveling phase in a single crypt in the Grizzly Hills, where the respawn rate of neutral enemies was so high that there was a constant supply of XP. He was healed by a buddy, who was not in his group, in order to increase the experience point gain.

By comparison, in TBC Classic, the world-first run to level 70 took barely longer at 28 hours. If you level up in Northrend the normal way (i.e. with quests and a few dungeon visits), however, you’ll have to be prepared for a rather tough affair – just like in Outland. After all, it should be possible to level up for several weeks before the launch. an experience point buff so that all newcomers and mainchar-changers can reach level 70 in time. Bummer: Since the improved quest tracking will probably be added later, you’ll have to continue using addons like Questie for now.

Like TBC, WotLK also has a lot to offer aside from the raid instances. There are again various reputation factions, numerous daily quests and nice luxury items like the Dalaran Rings or the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, for which you might want to farm a few thousand gold pieces. Or you can jump back into the PvP arenas or battlegrounds, or participate regularly in the Battle of Thousand Winters. In the arenas, you’ll even benefit from Blizzard changing the team rating to a personal rating, so you can change teammates like you change your underwear. Also cool: TBC’s badge system is further expanded with the emblems in WotLK. You can equip your characters with the emblems, professions, Archavon’s Chamber, and the numerous BoE (Bound to Equip) epics more easily than ever before in Classic.


WotLK Classic: Our conclusion

Back in the day, WotLK was clearly more casual and twink-friendly than vanilla WoW and TBC. This should also apply to the Classic area, even if Blizzard has removed the automated dungeon finder, wants to make Naxxramas more difficult and wants to add the improved quest tracking sometime later (no problem, it came with patch 3.3 back then). However, especially the raid and dungeon endgame will be as beginner-friendly as it was back then without the attunements and thanks to the new options. Equipping characters is also easier than ever in WotLK.


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