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Games CSGO - Source

online action game in the world, #CounterStrike: Source (CSS) has just received a major update and is now available for the Mac. CSS is a SteamPlay title, so if you own it on the PC – you own it on the Mac. Besides PC Vs. Mac cross-platform play, this update also adds achievements, stats, engine updates and more.

Counter Strike #CSGO – Team 9z

9z Team is an Argentinian organization.2019 April 20th – 9z Team announces its first #CSGO roster, formed by the ex-Furious Gaming core: Luken, nhl and nbl, alongside gAtito and kun, Hellpa joins as a coach. May 8th – kun and gAtito are removed from the team. May 9th – restik and fran-^ssj join on trial. June 10th – restik is removed from the squad, fran-^ssj will remain with the team. June 18th – sam_A joins.

Counter Strike #CSGO – bondik – Vlаdyslаv Nechyporchuk

Vladislav Nechiporchuk, also known as bondik, is a Ukrainian cyber sportsman playing in #CounterStrike: #GlobalOffensive. He belongs to the generation of CS players who started back in CS 1.6, but at the moment, he is completely focused on #CSGO and defends the colors of the ONYX team.

Weapons Counter Strike – XM1014

The XM1014 is an automatic shotgun available to both teams in most game modes. This shotgun is not available for Terrorists to purchase in Assassination.In all games, it is the most expensive shotgun option, at $3000 in earlier games and $2000 in #GlobalOffensive. This makes the shotgun less viable as an eco option, but it is still cheaper than other weapons in #GlobalOffensive.

Maps Counter Strike – BlackGold

Black Gold is a Bomb Scenario map from #CounterStrike: #GlobalOffensive . The map was submitted to the Steam Workshop by Az , The Horse Strangler , and HoliestCow on August 18, 2013 and was part of Operation Breakout from July 1st to October 2nd, 2014 . [1] As a result, it was temporarily included in the official CS map canon. Black Gold takes place on an offshore oil rig.

Factions #CSGO Counter Strike – SEAL team 6

The ST-6 (later known as DEVGRU) was formed in 1980 under the direction of Lieutenant-Commander Richard Marcincko. The ST-6 was on constant alert to respond immediately to terrorist attacks against American targets worldwide.”



#CSGO #CounterStrike: #GlobalOffensive (#CSGO for short) is a computer game from the genre of online tactical shooters. It was developed by #Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment and is the fourth part of the #CounterStrike series. The game was released on August 21, 2012 for Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A release for the PlayStation 3 in Europe failed to materialize for unknown reasons. #GlobalOffensive achieved a Metascore of 83 points. Since September 14, 2017, #CounterStrike: #GlobalOffensive has also been available in China via the Perfect World client. In December 2018, the game was switched to a free-to-play model, which drew criticism.

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