How To MAKE COINS at the START of FIFA 23!

How To MAKE COINS at the START of FIFA 23! #FIFA #eSports

22: Player Moments Dest SBC – Cheapest Solution & Rewards

In we got a new SBC in : Player Moments Sergiño Dest can be completed. Is the SBC worth it? And how expensive is it? Let’s see. The content that EA drops this year on the occasion of the Team of the Year in FIFA 22 is really first class. Except for the weakening servers, which gave up the ghost at the start of the event, it’s a big improvement to last year.

FIFA 22: The worst players in FUT

You are looking for the best players for the upcoming Weekend ? Then you are right here! Fun by side, here and today we are talking about the worst players in . At some point it gets boring to report only about the best and newest cards, that’s why we throw the spotlight on the guys who don’t get much attention in FIFA.

Future Stars Reunion SBC FIFA 22 – All Picks & Cheapest Solution

EA is currently taking the SBC game to the next level, isn’t it? After the recent release of the cool Father & Son Hagi SBC , another imaginative challenge is coming to FIFA 22. This time, the Future Stars are being celebrated – or rather, the Future Stars from years past , since FIFA 19 to be exact. We’ll show you ALL the footballers you can get here and tell you whether the SBC is actually worth it in the end.


The Dutch top team AFC Ajax consists of European FGS21 playoff champion Levy and potential prodigy Finn Donderwinkel. It’s an exciting team that will confidently face any potential opponent in the tournament thanks to its experience. For Finn, this is his first year as a FIFA competitor. At just 16 years old, Finn was the youngest player to ever debut for Ajax .

TOTS: Voting started – map design revealed

The FIFA 21 TOTS is about to start. With the Team of the Season, we can expect the hottest FUT event of the year on April 23. As every year, the promo starts with the community team vote, which also reveals the map design.


FIFA 22 is still in full operation, but in the background the game makers of EA Sports are already working on the next part – FIFA 23 will be released in autumn 2022.

But under which name will the classic game be continued in autumn 2022? As things stand, it is not at all certain that the game will continue to bear the name of the world association FIFA. We have the most important information about FIFA 23 for you, why the game series will get a new name and on which consoles the next part of the soccer simulation will be available.


We can’t give you an official launch date for the next part of the FIFA game series yet. EA hasn’t communicated much in this regard yet, so so far we can only assume that FIFA 23 will be released in the period between mid-September and early October 2022, just like its predecessors. In the past years, the latest launch date of a FIFA game was October 06.

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