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In this video I’ll be showing you how I play diana jg in season 13. This was a hard to game with a constant dc from our top laner and the overall performance from the rest of my team. Throughout the game I’ll explain how to deal with certain situations to create chances for comebacks and solo carry potential.
Season 13 Diana Jungle Guide.

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26 Replies to “HOW TO PLAY DIANA JUNGLE 1v9 ?”

nt nt bro. Is jak'sho good on Diana because the item is kinda too good right now ? It feels weird to me because Diana is usually played as a tankish assassin, but for jak'sho you need to stay alive a long time in combat, wouldn't you kill or get yourself bursted down before you get the stacks ? Or if you die too fast, you get a zhonya like before to build the stacks while you are invicible ?

great game, you did crazy stuff here anyhow, this team was full of potato players, its the same I see many times, i finally reached gold and probably will reach platinum in some time no problem, but silver nightmare was hard to leave for me honestly, players are unrational it doesnt make any sense what they do hard to predict ;D

Honestly really enjoyed hearing you break down that missplay w the kat rotation early, like i just struggle to way up the possibilities in hindsight i guess

It’s nice to see a yt play people with brains in actual legit scenarios, with a build that’s actually good rather than baiting people to try and build ap Jax in ranked games, love it keep it up ??

10:25 after botlane gank why not help push out the wave then go drag. botlane most likely to follow you and then you wouldn't be soloing drag, waiting for them to show. or at least pull drag out so that you aren't stuck in the pit and can disengage if needed. regardless gg

Is the tankier build more "stable" compared to the standard rocketbelt full ap build? I have success with both but the full AP build requires me to always stay on the ball because of how squishy you are.

I don't accept that this is plat elo. With the sheer amount of mistakes. Frost is the only one with a brain on your team. This feels no different than bronze honestly.

Tough game. Good on you for trying. I really don't like to 1v9, but as a jungler you have to do it. I actually refuse to 4v5. I think it's a complete waste of time. The odds of winning a 4v5 are almost nil, unless the enemy team is egregious, or your 4 teammates are quite fed.

10:45 i like how after this bot play of just farming instead of keeping tempo, later made them think ff is appropriate, just because THEY died. pinging other players instead of defending diana at 10:45 and still granting a double kill causing the ff call while you and jax made moves vs fiora. 12:12

people dont know how to take subtle wins, this 12:12 win was mega considering the many disconnects, if fioras that dumb and jax got in for the assist there, top lane is back in jaxs hand while they are responsible for responding to mid missings. games over gg, bot lane is just a fucking weakness in all of my games and youtube videos i watch, fools, massive domino effects they dont feel responsible for, defend your junglers


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