How to use Teleport Effectively on KAYLE?

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Mage Aurelion Sol.

Aurelion Sol once graced the vast emptiness of the celestial realm with wonders of his own devising, but was tricked by the Aspects of Targon into revealing the secrets of a sun that he himself created. His awesome power was channeled into immortal god-warriors to protect the apparently insignificant world of #Runeterra—now, desiring a return to his mastery of the cosmos, Aurelion Sol will drag the very stars from the sky, if he must, in order to regain his freedom.

#LeagueofLegends Teams – Evil Geniuses.

One of the Dota 2 veterans; Evil Geniuses was founded in October 2011. This makes the team one of the most traditional teams in North America… Nevertheless, the current roster does not quite reflect the team’s old strengths. After all, Arteezy, Suma1L and Cr1t have been committed to EG since 2016, but replacements for the offlane and hard support positions had to be found at the last minute.

#LeagueofLegends #Skins-Porcelain.

Riot is showering us with a tsunami of skins that will soon be available in the Rift. Just today we talked about the Crystal Rose skins, then out of nowhere
came the Firecracker skins, and now Porcelain skins!

#LeagueofLegends Guides- Kindred.

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LoL #LeagueofLegends – TFT Patch 11.2b: Rakan, Xayah & Aurelion Dol Nerfs.

TFT’s Festival of Beats has only been out for a few days and already we get a hotfix with TFT Patch 11.2b. It’s nice that Riot reacts so quickly. This mini-patch should make the game much more balanced. We think that’s good – and that’s why we’ve summarized the patch notes for you.

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23 Replies to “How to use Teleport Effectively on KAYLE?”

You are a Kayle, you deal lots of damage and your ult is a must in teamfights.
If you tp'd, your team wouldn't get aced and you would push mid after and reset.
You got more gold but yout entire team lost more

Good split plush. But troll flash (yes I know he got local gold from turret still not worth), and farming minions over hitting the turret meant it took too long to take the turret and he died for it. Don't flash and just take the turret and leave and it's a perfect split push. Instead your down flash, not alive, and gave over gold.

hell no! i wont participate in shitty tekken fights.. IT'S MOBA game – u need to push and destroy nexus, not to kill it.. Nexus is not a champion = dmg to champs deas not matter.
But majority of gen Z kids think their KDA matters… no it's not

The flash was so int lmao, just Tank the turret shot and W so you go faster maybe not take a 2nd turret shot and it heals a bit. That flash could of have been used at the end when you ulted to kill both kaisa and zilean ( R + Flash ), we wouldn’t know if he would of have survived/escaped the ornn or kill the ornn because you -100iq that flash.

With the clues we were given, it was definitely worth it to fight considering the team IS ahead by towers and gold obj bounty. But since it's soloque you have to carry the game by yourself

I think I would’ve at the beginning if I had decent faith in my team since it’s an easy cleanup and once you ace them you’ll get the towers anyway. If I was 16 the 1v5 at the end is a different story and I might’ve stayed. Also didn’t see what dragon it was which could change things

when you are mid split push and your team pulls a 4v5 fight while you across the map that is there funeral. objectives>kills all day getting double open lanes top and mid is near a game over moment. the enemy can roam out of base but they risk losing inhibs for it. if they stay then bot lane gets taken as does baron, drag etc. if they split up then it is an unbalanced fight. either way this game is likely over and kayle's team is going to come out with the W because she left her team to die while she opened the enemy base almost completely. bard even sacrificed himself to drop herald and go back into the fight knowing he had no back up. the Bard knew what was going on. half these clowns play league like is call of duty.

Mid game have 2 open it ez trade you can push to t4 tower or push bot lane and when it don’t have anytower t3 it ez to push and outdoor and kayle need lv,16 fast to go team fight lv.11-15 it suck if build aplv.11 it good but kraken it stupid build just need only late game

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