"I Am PLATINUM But I Can Air Dribble, is That Good?"

“I Am PLATINUM But I Can Air Dribble, is That Good?” – #RocketLeague #eSports

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43 Replies to ““I Am PLATINUM But I Can Air Dribble, is That Good?” – #RocketLeague #eSports”

If you air dribbling mustying and ceiling shotting in plat and can’t rank up, you don’t deserve to rank up. It’s obvious you suck ass, and don’t understand how to play the game at all. I got out of plat without a single mechanic. I didn’t learn to flick until high Diamond. I didn’t air dribble until champ, I didn’t do any mechanics until champ because they are not necessary in Diamond and plat, good positioning, rotation, spacing, and not over committing.

I do agree plats are the stereotypical plats, but I swear I’ll hear pro players say you don’t need air mechanics till grand champ but I doubt they’ve played diamond+ nowadays, I’ve been air dribbled and double tap backboard like every other match nowadays. Pros are thinking of lower ranks as if its 2015 lmao, with all these tutorials out nowadays the playerbase are raising their skills like crazy

I play in low to mid diamond every season but my mechanics are bad. These guys don’t realize they’re shitting on themselves by admitting they can’t pass Plat with all those mechanics. The game sense on people like that is near zero.

I'm was in plat last season and I could air dribble and flip reset and all those stuff. It's not cause I'm bad it's just because I like freestyling, is there a problem with that? Not that I'm toxic or anything, I just haven't put enough hours on matches because I've spent them in freeplay.

I was plat a couple months ago and could aidribble double tap ceiling shot and musty. But i kept on challenging and losing tue challenge as last man even if i knew my teameate was 0 boost

I'm a D2 and I can't consistently air dribble, jump past the ball like a complete idiot and can't even consistently air roll to redirect the ball how I want :))))

I had a friend who had this sort of mindset, he was all about freestyle all the time and was fairly good at it but his basics and rotations were absolutely terrible and it was impossible to play with.

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