I opened ALL my Overwatch Lootboxes and answered ALL your questions I Flats Q&A

I opened ALL my Overwatch Lootboxes and answered ALL your questions I Flats Q&A #Overwatch #eSports

: Hero Pools worse than thought

This could spell trouble: Overwatch coaches and players are stressed by the new changes, which could have a particular impact on pros. Entertainment is trying to change the fluidity of professional and public play – but now it looks like pro players could be forced into early retirement. All thanks to the new Hero Pool!

Overwatch Heroes – Zenyatta

Zenyatta uses his spheres of harmony and discord to heal his teammates and weaken his enemies, while he himself strives for a state of transcendence that grants him complete immunity to damage.The standard PC key bindings shown below can be customized in-game.

Overwatch Map Guide Dorado – All important points of the map

On the Dorado cargo transport map there are many hidden routes through which you can stab your enemies in the back. While one point is almost impossible to defend for the attackers, the other two checkpoints are a tough nut to crack. In our map guide to Dorado, we show you all the important points on the map.

OW Leak: Is Fleta spoiling the new Overwatch MVP skin?

Now that the Overwatch League MVP has been determined, players are waiting to see what matching skin might be released next year. And we have some pro leaks…The Shanghai Dragons finished the regional season in exciting fights as the first place – and also bagged two Monthly Tournaments on the side.


Echo is an advanced robot created by Dr. Mina Liao with an extremely adaptable artificial intelligence. Thanks to her versatility, she can take on a wide variety of roles in combat. Since she joined the Overwatch team in the fight against Null Sector in Paris, she is finally considered a full-fledged member of Overwatch.

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34 Replies to “I opened ALL my Overwatch Lootboxes and answered ALL your questions I Flats Q&A #Overwatch #eSports”

yeah i don’t think people understand (in any situation. sports games whatever) how big the gap is between pros and the next level down. it’s actually insane how much of a skill gap there is

I absolutely love your content and cuber's edits are amazing. I wish I knew how to do that. Your videos do help me become a little better even if they aren't in the spectating bronze series just watching you play does help a lot with positioning and mechanics. I love the spectating bronze series but if you need a break for it, I understand. It is a fun series to watch but if you don't enjoy doing it sometimes because you do it so much need a break because your burnt out, then its only fun for the views to watch and not fun for you to do, keep up the good work <3 Also love your team you have behind you they are amazing people 🙂

You seem like you're struggling just to breath mate. From what I can see you look like you've gained a bit of weight in your face too. You need to be careful. You get one body, one life, one shot at all this. Look after yourself. Someone has got to say it.

When it comes with the stream recaps, at a glance of your videos its hard to even tell they are there, i would suggest giving them a prefix category title like "daily stream recap". i sometimes dont have time to directly see all content ive missed on some of the people i watch, but fitzy particularly labels his weekly so i get some nice stuff of his in a condenced version and get to the other actual more filled out content when i get time. the watching bronze vids particularly are easy to point out.

44:40 – I appreciate that you appreciate your mods. I was a reddit moderator for a really big YouTuber for about 2 years and he shit on us all the time in his videos, would encourage people to break the rules and didn't communicate with us at all, despite our attempts to reach out. Eventually the entire team decided to walk away after he hired a twitter person, who had been openly leading a campaign to harass us. Whenever I hear someone appreciate their mods, I know they're a good person.

Im hoping over time with OW2 you will see a continuous growth but you are genuinely great to watch and insanely engaging with your chat! I feel like your growth is a little stuck behind ow but st the same time that is your big thing. It’s almost a double edge sword. But keep up the work my man it always pays off!

Flats let's be honest everyone who played the beta is waiting after seeing how good 5v5 is and the changes they made at the time to heroes. I actually find OW1 a struggle to play XD

I have a reasonable question… why haven’t they updated the anti-aliasing method to a better method like TAA or DLAA? or add newer graphic settings like Ray tracing to make the game look better if overwatch one wont be a thing anymore. any real answers? Or Aim Assist for PC Controller players?? This is literally the only game that does this its very unfair I have to strain my entire thumb in order to play widow or hanzo We have a joystick drift We have a bad deadzone Sensitivity.PC players have their entire hand I don’t care if it’s not in competitive put it in everything else why is this a point of contention. It is in every other game why should I get used to it not being an overwatch and create a problem for my hand. I don’t hear any PC players complaining in the warzone No PC players are complaining in fortnite the only people who complain are low skill PC players in overwatch That is what is unfair! That is the problem.

@Flats, First thank u for being u as a "bigger" boy who plays football i relate a lot and love your stuff ow and story telling (I play rein too<3, in gold tho), but one more thing BLOOD PRESSURE HOW DO IT???

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