is ECHO good? | Overwatch2

is good in Overwatch2?
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41 Replies to “is ECHO good? | Overwatch2”

her beam is so good for killing tanks. orisa can't do anything, roadhog gets one heal then he's dead, Dva melts. she's going to be pretty strong against ramattra next season.

Change is always good for improvement. It is either there to make it better, or it is there to show you your mistakes. Keep experimenting, Punch..
I'm sure you and your channel'll be Ok if you keep improving..

This new editing style is fun, there's a lot of energy and it feels almost like a diet version of the other channel. I do kind of prefer the original style though, it feels more chill and we get to see more of Punch 🙂

I used Echo a couple days ago because I, as a Pharah main, jokingly said "yeah I'm gonna play Pharah but good" to my friends. Yeah…most damage, kills, I dominated every single match as her. Besides a couple, but that was due to their being a McCassidy or a Widow.

Also, a little Echo tech/tip, if you hold jump and hit the flight ability and immediately cancel, you get really nice and quick height. Can be good for pushing enemies or escaping.

Personally prefer the older style of vids, I watch for the chill vibes and for your interactions with chat/ who ever your playing with. Not super worried about cool plays or crazy gameplay. That said having a one or two of these every now and then would be a nice change of pace

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