Kai’Sa Reveal | Legends of Runeterra

“Here is where we make our stand.”

It’s not easy protecting the world from the Void, but that’s never going to stop her. Kai’Sa is coming in the new expansion, Forces from Beyond, dropping on July 20.

New Expansion – Forces From Beyond: https://bit.ly/3IyPVoF

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Kai’Sa – Champion Comic

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Kai’Sa – “Pinwheel” Short Story

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45 Replies to “Kai’Sa Reveal | Legends of Runeterra”

Voice change really disappointed me as a Kaisa main. Really wished to hear her original voice.. it has a voidy touch you could say .. a surviving legend_ Also, quotes a voices levelup cutscene all comes at the first reason why i (hang out); in Runeterra . ;(almost all cards)

I'm sorry but…that voice doesn't suit Kai'Sa at all. I hope they don't change the va anywhere else. No offense for the person though, it's just doesn't suit the character in my opinion

Not that I am a huge stickler for this but her VO is not even close to her VO in LOL, its like two different people. She just sounds Australian in the LOR VO, while she sound well not Australian in LOL.

her voice change is weird. she sounds Australian but I am not the best at picking up on accents even the ones I am used to hearing.

Feels busted and the champ spell is not interactive at all. Slowly becoming shadowverse.

I don't understand why fiora was nerfed for not being 'fun' but this champ spell is fine and supporting mono-shurima is cool because watching a 2 minute ad every match is very fun.

Oh god that voice, it's just as bad as the akali remake.
Did they just forget how to give good voice directions?
This is just painful to listen to

Where is Kayle? Quit league because her rework ruined years of work I had put into that champ and I hated her new version, but I still hold hope for her in Runeterra.

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