korean build tank for 1v5 kill entire teams

Katarina but it’s the korean build that can 1v5 entire teams (S13 TANK BUILD)
League of – Season 13 Katarina Gameplay!

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35 Replies to “korean build tank for 1v5 kill entire teams”

I played this build in pbe. This item choice was ok but the third item demonic gives a ton of damage. When i bought it it did like 9k damage in that game somehow more than Titanic even though i bought it way later in the game.
Btw love your content keep it up ☺️

Its so good seeing how high rank players contact with normal words and no being toxic dang man when you typed something to seraphim I thought she would be mad and I was surprised when she understood her problem

Thanks for the match! Was awesome!
Hope I get better! Thanks for the feedbacks and for keeping chill.
Greetings and best wishes from you Bronze Seraphine from Mexico 😀

Little tip, if you’re going with an AD or Tanky build then it’s far better to max E first to get it on as low cooldown as possible. Even if you’re maxing Q, the base damage without AP just isn’t good, while the base damage on E combined with the auto attack reset makes your early to mid game trades and extended fights that much better. Other than that it looks like a fun build, great video.

I was rolling on the floor the entire episode: the bad anvil pun, the quick cut from copper mining to Tango's farm, Scar, the LOLcat discovery, everything! Such a blast. =( =3:)

Guys u have to start taking serious each streamer, prof akali is a good content streamer and im a fan, but dont copy builds like that in ranked games cus they wont work, it deals 0 damage it just has tank health and a bit sustain. If ur bot and jg gets gapped ur fked.

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