Kha’Zix is absolutely WILD?

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This Kha’Zix build is probably one of the best in the game!

Kha’Zix – Season 12 League of Legends
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League of Legends Champion – Mage Aurelion Sol.

Aurelion Sol once graced the vast emptiness of the celestial realm with wonders of his own devising, but was tricked by the Aspects of Targon into revealing the secrets of a sun that he himself created. His awesome power was channeled into immortal god-warriors to protect the apparently insignificant world of Runeterra—now, desiring a return to his mastery of the cosmos, Aurelion Sol will drag the very stars from the sky, if he must, in order to regain his freedom.

League of Legends Teams – Fnatic.

Fnatic and have always had a difficult relationship with each other. If you were to ask a non-Dota connoisseur how Fnatic is doing, the answer would be unequivocal: “Somewhere upstairs”. The reality therefore seems much more unreal, Fnatic has not yet had a podium success in Dota. Only a second place at the DreamLeague – Season 9 and the DOTA Summit 8 are worth mentioning at all.

League of Legends – Skins-Porcelain.

Riot Games is showering us with a tsunami of skins that will soon be available in the Rift. Just today we talked about the Crystal Rose skins, then out of nowhere
came the Firecracker skins, and now Porcelain skins!

League of Legends Champion Guides- Ahri.

In our Champion Guide series, we introduce you to the most important mechanics of all League of Legends champions. Today we’ll cover a staple of the game, my secret love since the beginning: The Vixen, whose abilities have remained almost the same since 2011. We’ll take a look at Ahri.

LoL League of Legends – Possible splashart for new champion Lilia leaked.

We’ve been waiting for Riot Games to update us on any information regarding the latest champion to enter the Summoner’s Rift. We have informed you about everything we know about Lilia and what you can expect from the champion, and now we have even more information about her!

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riot removed heal from smite, (only heal if smite execute camps), so skirmish in early game lose its tension. No reward for faster/better player in invasion situation.

I love you but I almost hit dislike for you not liking Bulbasaur. But yeah, that's just your opinion. Not liking the best and cutest Gen 1 starter. (((:

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