Laurent Butcher – Renekton & Sivir Deck

Laurent Butcher – Renekton & Sivir Deck – of Runeterra Gameplay | LOR

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Timestamps :
0:00​​​​​​​ Preview
0:26​​ Game 1 VS Zoe Teemo
8:21​​ Game 2 VS Teemo Zoe Norra Yuumi
15:09​​ Game 3 VS Azir Irelia
21:19​​ Game 4 VS Akshan

Music : Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands Theme – The Threat – Romain Benitez

– Fleetfeather Tracker
– Petricite Broadwing
– Brightsteel Protector
– Laurent Duelist
– Merciless Hunter
– Ruin Runner
– Ruthless Predator

– Concerted Strike
– Absolver’s Return
– Cataclysm
– Preservarium
– Overwhelm

: Domination / Arclight
Indonesia / LoR ID
Server : APAC / SEA
Patch : 3.19.0

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