League of Legends: Champion Aurelion Sol

In League of , champions are often buffed or nerfed to keep the game balanced and fun for players. Recently, Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, received a kit overhaul, and as a result, his win rate has dropped below 50 percent.

Aurelion Sol was originally released in 2016 and quickly became a popular pick for players who enjoy controlling large areas of the battlefield. His unique playstyle was centered around his passive ability, Center of the Universe, which caused him to orbit around a star that could damage enemies. This ability made him a formidable force in team fights and gave him a strong presence on the map.

However, over time, Aurelion Sol’s kit became outdated and increasingly difficult to balance. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, decided to overhaul his kit to make him more competitive in the current meta. The changes included updates to his passive ability, as well as his other abilities.

Since the update, Aurelion Sol’s win rate has dropped significantly. Before the overhaul, he had a win rate of around 53 percent. However, after the update, his win rate has dropped to just below 50 percent, indicating that the changes have not been successful in making him a stronger champion.

One of the reasons for the drop in win rate is that Aurelion Sol’s new kit takes some time to get used to. Players who have mastered his old kit now have to relearn how to play him effectively, which has led to some initial struggles. Additionally, some players have reported that his new kit is less fun to play, which may be contributing to the decrease in his win rate.

Despite the decrease in win rate, Aurelion Sol remains a popular pick for many players. His unique playstyle and powerful abilities make him a formidable opponent in the right hands. Riot Games is likely monitoring the situation and may make additional changes in the future to improve his win rate and ensure that he remains a viable pick in the game.

It’s clear that kit overhauls can have a significant impact on a champion’s win rate. While these changes are intended to keep the game balanced and fun, they can also lead to frustration for players who have invested time and effort into mastering a particular champion. It remains to be seen how Aurelion Sol’s win rate will change over time and whether Riot Games will make additional changes to his kit in response.

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