League of Legends teams in CQ.Rating

Team paiN and FURIA are two of the top League of teams in the competitive gaming world, but recently, paiN has taken a significant lead over FURIA in the rankings. According to CQ.Rating, paiN is currently placed at #81 among League of Legends teams, which is 27 places higher than FURIA’s #108 ranking.

Despite their lower ranking, FURIA has been making strides in the competitive gaming world, with a solid track record of impressive performances in various tournaments. However, they have recently suffered three consecutive losses, which has likely contributed to their lower ranking. On the other hand, paiN has been on a winning streak with one win in a row, and their recent matches have seen them come out on top over 50% of the time.

One reason for paiN’s success could be their strong sense of teamwork and communication, which is a critical aspect of competitive gaming. When playing League of Legends, it’s important for players to work together and coordinate their movements and strategies to effectively take down their opponents. With good teamwork, paiN has been able to take down some of the strongest teams in the competitive gaming world and establish themselves as a top-tier team.

Another factor that has likely contributed to paiN’s success is their strategic approach to the game. League of Legends is a complex and fast-paced game, and teams need to have a well-thought-out game plan in order to come out on top. paiN has been known for their innovative and effective strategies, which have helped them outmaneuver their opponents and secure victories.

Despite their recent success, paiN will need to continue to work hard and stay focused if they want to maintain their lead over FURIA and other top teams in the competitive gaming world. They will need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies, and continue to refine their skills and teamwork to stay ahead of the competition.

As for FURIA, they will need to work on regaining their form and getting back on track after their recent losses. They have a talented roster of players, and with a little extra effort and determination, they could easily turn things around and rise back up the rankings.

In the end, both paiN and FURIA have the potential to be top contenders in the competitive League of Legends world, and it will be exciting to see how they continue to perform in the coming months and years. Whether you’re a fan of paiN or FURIA, it’s always thrilling to see two top teams compete against each other, and there’s no telling what the future holds for these two talented teams.

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