League of Legends – Thank you, Bjergsen

, the legendary mid laner, has retired from the (LoL) scene, sending shockwaves throughout the Western world. Known as one of the greatest players in LoL history, Bjergsen’s retirement marks the end of a successful and memorable career.

Bjergsen was considered the face of North America and was one of the few players who had the talent and consistency to stay at the top of the game for years. Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to see him stepping onto Summoner’s Rift anymore, as Bjergsen officially announced his retirement from LoL esports.

In his announcement video, Bjergsen spoke about what allowed him to get to where he is now, “I worked harder than a lot of people, I wanted it more than a lot of those people, and I was willing to sacrifice time with friends, family, personal interests, hobbies, [and] really just anything.” He continued, “For a long time, I’ve felt—and even told the people around me—that if I didn’t feel like I could give my absolute all towards winning and being the best… then it would be time to stop, and it feels like that time is now.”

Bjergsen’s deep connection with League started when he was a teenager, and he started professionally at the age of 16. League helped him deal with the bullying he encountered during that period, and he described it as an escape from school and the struggles in life. “It really brought me out of a dark place,” he continued.

League was an important life lesson for Bjergsen, as he was able to grow his confidence and learn that he can become competent and good at things as long as he’s putting effort into them. “If it wasn’t for League, I don’t even know if I would be alive today, because I was very suicidal back then and didn’t see much reason for living so I pretty much owe everything that I have and the person I am today to League of and my career in it,” he concluded.

Bjergsen has left an indelible mark on the world of LoL esports, and his legacy will continue to inspire fans and aspiring players in the years to come. From struggling during his teenage days to becoming one of the most successful and greatest players in LoL history, Bjergsen’s journey is an inspiration to all.

Even though Bjergsen has retired, he is not ruling out a return to the esports industry in the future. For now, he wants to take some time away with friends and family and see what life is like when his identity and all his time are not tied up in League of Legends.

Bjergsen’s retirement from the LoL esports scene is a sad day for fans, but it marks the end of an incredible career. His journey is a testament to hard work, perseverance, and dedication, and he will always be remembered as one of the greatest players in LoL history. Thank you, Bjergsen, for your contribution to the world of esports.

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