Leak: Next LoL Champion is a Void Jungler

It’s time again for the next League of character! A Youtuber published the first ingame footage of Bel’Veth.

A few days ago, the team released a roadmap for upcoming champions. In doing so, Riot Games gave a first teaser for the next LoL champion – which is now already leaked. It’s only been a few months since Renata Glasc found her way into the Summoner’s Rift. Now it will soon be time again for the newest champion in League of Legends.

In the latest blog post from Riot Games, the developers talked about a Void champion – through the flower, of course. Now we know who she is and what she can do. Because the first videos of Bel’Veth have appeared on Youtube:

Bel’Veth will be a Jungler who comes from the same Lore region as Malzahar, the Void. Anyway, from the few seconds we see of Bel’Veth, we can see that she will have two different forms, which can probably be changed with her Ultimate. She also has four purple arrows pointing away from her, as well as a corresponding graphic next to her health bar. It’s very likely that we can expect a similar mechanic to the one we already know from Urgot.

It’s already confirmed that Bel’Veth will feel comfortable in the jungle. Accordingly, we can expect a few Engage possibilities. On top of that, the design also gives us some hints on what we can expect from Bel’Veth. Her design is definitely inspired by bats, or a vampiress. If you’re thinking echolocation skills or life stealing, you’re probably on the right track.

Stories, Udyr and Dragons

Riot Games also gave first hints about the following releases in the new blog post. The next but one champion is said to be a “colorful person” who comes “from the other side of the world”. The person would even be in a good mood in fights and would handle colored water. We’ll probably find out more in a few months, but we’ve already seen a teaser image:

It will also soon be time for the release of the Udyr rework, which has been in the works for some time. Udyr was released in December 2009 and its design has gotten a bit old in the meantime. That’s why the bearded fellow is now getting a visual update. As a first treat, the development team shared the concept art of its reworked Spirit Guardian skin.

While they are still working on Udyr’s look, it has already been shared that they are already on the rework of the next champion. Now it’s the turn of Aurelion Sol. According to Riot, the dragon had the highest purchase rate at release, but now only the lowest pick rate. The development team sees the reason for this in themselves, as they could not keep up with their abilities what the players expected. They now want to revise this.

Aurelion Sol is getting a complete rework, which should make the majestic dragon relevant again. At the end of the year, the newly forged star dragon should be playable.

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