LoL brings the Worlds patch 12.18 to the test servers

LoL brings the Worlds patch 12.18 to the test servers

Riot Games have uploaded patch 12.18 to the test servers today. This will be the patch for Worlds 2022. This one brings back the most popular jungler of the pros to the League of meta, in addition to some minor changes. Besides “Lee Sin”, “Thresh” will also be improved and thus more attractive to play.

Why are Lee Sin and Thresh so high on the list? Lee Sin is among the “top 3” picks for almost all of Worlds’ junglers. For Kacper “Inspired” Słoma of Evil Geniuses, he’s only 4th, but still ranks high. Thresh is a tried and true pick that supporters can always fall back on in an emergency (via League of Graphs).

Lee Sin is played mainly for his ability to focus on a single target. It is also often referred to as a “kick bot.” This is because the ultimate ability kicks the opponent away from Lee Sin. So if he makes it behind the enemy lines, he can “kick out” the important targets for his team. The buffs make Lee Sin more attractive in the Jungle and no longer just dubbed as a “kick-bot”.

Udyr will be deactivated for Worlds 2022, as his adjustments cannot be estimated after the rework.

Small adjustments lead to a shift in the meta

Riot Games hopes small adjustments in patch 12.18 will bring the over-the-top improvements from previous patches to a consistent level. This would allow a similar meta to be played on the Worlds as on the Playoffs patch.

What’s changing in the supporting roles? Currently, the most important roles for winning a game are on the Jungler and the Botlane. The jungler supports the entire map while keeping his opponent in check, while the botlane does most of the damage.

Lee Sin is a very mobile champion and can turn entire teamfights around with his abilities. In addition to his life per level being increased from 99 to 105, Riot Games has decided to further increase his stamina. With the increased life steal on the W skill, Lee Sin can better fight his way through the jungle and play a leading role in team fights for longer.

On the botlane, ADC and Support play. While the ADC does the main damage, the Supporter supports it. Thresh has been unpacked every now and then in recent years when things got dicey. As a very versatile support with a lot of CC, he makes a solid pick in many situations.

Patch 12.18 has supported Thresh in getting back into the meta. His life per level was increased from 115 to 120, allowing him to last more. At the same time, his damage on the E skill has been increased. This leads to a higher combat potential and allows you to play the lane better.

What distinguishes the current meta? The current meta is carried by the Jungle and the Botlane. This can be seen by the fact that most of the bans in the pro games are focused on the ADC role. While the ban rate of the Jungler is generally pretty high as well. The focus on the two roles has become clear through patch 12.18.

Because of this, Riot Games is adjusting two of the current strongest junglers and giving them a nerf. The damage of Kayne’s Q ability in his Rhaast form has been reduced. Hecarim also meets this fate. His damage on the Q ability has been reduced and the healing on his W ability is lower.

On the botlane, Kalista and Miss Fortune’s potential has been stampeded. Kalista’s life has been reduced from 604 to 564. As a result, the battles on the Botlane have to be designed differently for her, because she can no longer take as much.

Miss Fortune meets the same fate. Her damage and life per level have been reduced, even though she had already received an update in the middle of the patch that weakened her W ability.

What does this mean for Worlds and for me as a player? Shortly before the World Championship of LoL, the most relevant roles are adjusted again.

Even though Riot Games said that they will only be an adjustment of patch 12.17 with such small changes. So some champions, like Lee Sin and Thresh, will return to the meta and others might drop in priority like Kalista or Hecarim.

The meta for the Worlds will still shift in the weeks leading up to the start of the play-ins and we might see an interesting pick or two.

The improvement on Nasus allows it to be played on the botlane and makes its struggles on the toplane exciting again. While after the weakening of Lulu, alternatives and combinations for wizards on the botlane have to be found.

What’s your take on this? Which of your champions did it hit or do you want to try another champion that will be boosted in this patch?

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