LoL Patch 12.17 Preview

Before the Worlds 2022, Riot Games seems to revise some champions. These include popular characters like Miss Fortune and Ahri.

The next update in League of is coming soon. Patch 12.17 is scheduled for September 8 and will bring quite a large adjustment for three 2022 champions, among others, before the Worlds.

Both Maokai, Miss Fortune, and Hecarim are slated to receive an overhaul in the upcoming patch. In the case of Maokai, the focus will shift from support to the top lane and jungle, as the champion is mainly played on the bot lane due to the current kit. However, the support playstyle will not be “eliminated” with the adjustments.

Likewise, Hecarim also seems to receive a major adjustment with patch 12.17. This is to move the champion away from being an assassin or tank and back to being used more as a fighter or bruiser. Miss Fortune will also get a major overhaul with the update. For the champion, mainly only some buffs are planned to put more focus on her crit builds.

Patch 12.17 also brings new Zenith Games skins to the Summoner’s Rift. New looks are planned for a total of three champions. Blitzcrank, Jayce and Lee Sin will receive a Zenith Games skin with LoL update 12.17. The overthrown King Viego will also get a new skin with the upcoming patch.

Article from 31 August 2022

With the upcoming patch 12.17 in League of Legends, Riot Games seems to want to adjust quite a few champions before the Worlds 2022. The update is scheduled for September 8.

On Twitter, LoL lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrsion gave a glimpse of the upcoming patch on Wednesday. It’s mainly to make adjustments to some champions before Worlds 2022, but it seems only relatively small updates are planned as Riot Games doesn’t want to make massive changes before the Worlds.

Patch 12.17 is expected to buff nine champions, including Ezreal. The bot laner is expected to get a lower cooldown on the E skill, and Kassasdin is also likely to get a lower cooldown and mana cost on the Q skill. On the other hand, nerfs are planned for nine champions. For Ahri, there will be a reduction in health, among other things, and the duration of the E-skill will probably be reduced.

In addition, Riot Games seems to be planning adjustments for a few items. The ability power of Seeker’s Armguard is expected to be increased in patch 12.17, and the cost of Stopwatch is also expected to increase. The legendary item Zhonya’s Hourglass is expected to have its purchase amount increased, but its ability strength improved in return. Guardian Angel will also be more expensive and will have more attack damage.

Article from 30. August 2022

The next update in League of Legends is already around the corner. Patch 12.17 is scheduled for September 8 and the development team currently seems to be quite satisfied with the game. Therefore, only a few outliers are to be adjusted.

LoL lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrsion gave a first glimpse of patch 12.17 on Twitter on Monday. With the update, there are probably mainly more adjustments for quite a few champions planned shortly before Worlds 2022. Maokai and Hecarim will also receive a complete overhaul. The changes to Hecarim are already on the PBE test server.

In addition, buffs are planned for nine other champions. Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate, Kassasdin as well as Ezreal can probably get ready for an improvement in the Summoner’s Rift with patch 12.17. Rell, Graves, Nocturne and Camille as well as Sett will also receive a buff in League of Legends.

On the other hand, nine champions will probably be generated again. Electrocute seems to be the focus of the update for Nami. She is currently the first choice for all support players who want to support their team with Nami. In addition, Taric, Ahri, Sylas and Wukong will probably also receive a nerf with patch 12.17. It also seems that the champions Azir, Trundle, Sivir and Renekton will get a nerf.

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