LoL-Team from HandOfBlood wanted to win the European Masters

In November 2021, YouTuber Max “HandOfBlood” Knabe aka Hänno announced that he wanted to establish the LoL team Eintracht Spandau in e-sports. Since then, they have been mixing up the Strauss Prime League. But Hänno wanted more, announced to win the EU Masters within 2 years. Now came the end in the playoffs.

What’s the story with Eintracht Spandau?

  • In his role as President Knabe, Hänno runs Eintracht like a soccer club – including press conferences and public viewing in the regular pub
  • The fans love it, they cheer for their team on Twitch and at public viewings
  • But it’s not just the storytelling that should play a role, the performance of the game should also be right.
  • At the latest in 2 years one wants to win the EU Masters, so Hänno
  • After a rather poor summer split, Eintracht really caught up again, won the big Berlin derby against BIG
  • Against Schalke 04 was now but in the playoffs end

After a strong start they can not take the advantage

This is how the playoffs work: Up to 5 rounds are played, whoever can win at least 3 of them wins. In the match Eintracht Spandau vs. Schalke 04 was exciting until the end, even if the Königsblauen could decide the best-of-five for themselves.

This is how the game went: Spandau started strongly and won the first game. On Eintracht’s Twitch channel, where the games are commented on in the “Fan Mile” by in-house streamer Broeki, they appeared confident of victory: So they asked the chat whether they would rather win 3:0 or 3:1. After all, there would be more content with the latter.

But in the second game the tide turned. Schalke picked up momentum, time and again they were able to prevail in team fights. That’s how they managed to equalize and eventually take the lead in Game 3. Eintracht played aggressively, going into the fights with confidence. They took many risks, which did not always pay off. In the fourth round, however, Eintracht fought its way back into the game.

They also gained an early advantage in the decisive fifth round. But S04 took an early buff from Baron and a gold advantage. In the end, they were able to prevail in the top lane. With the outnumbered, they finally took the victory.

Why is that a pity? It’s particularly bitter to be eliminated in the playoffs after having already made it to the Masters in the spring, even if only as far as the group stage. They would certainly have liked to build on this strong first – Season with another entry.

An additional disappointment for the fans is also that it will now not come to the derby against BIG in the playoffs. They will instead face S04 on 09.08. Since one or the other fan might get the idea to cheer for the Berlin rivals for once. (via Twitter)

Eintracht gives itself combative

But they are optimistic: despite everything, the split was very cool, they fought until the end. They thank their fans for the support and ask them to give a lot of love to the players, because they gave everything. (via Twitter)

The militant announcement: “This was just the beginning” (via Twitter).

Would you have liked Hänno and his Eintracht to win or was the defeat against Schalke 04 deserved? Will you follow the European Masters without Eintracht?

Playoffs are underway in France to qualify for the EU Masters as well. Favorites Karmine Corp have now been eliminated after a mixed – Season – although they had a legendary player at the start.


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