LoL: Which Supporters work best with JINX?

If you’re wondering which supporters work best with , here are the five champions you should play with her this season.


Whether you are a league player or not, you are probably familiar with Jinx. As one of the main characters in the Netflix series , Jinx has always been one of the most popular champions in the game. With her friendly equipment and exciting gameplay, Jinx is the perfect champion to get started with, while also providing a great deal of satisfaction as you improve her skills.

She is now a top-tier ADC, suitable for all Elo levels, following the recent buffs in patch 13.5. However, Jinx really shines when teamed with certain supporters who can boost her or work well with her.

If you are not sure which champions to play with Jinx, we have compiled a list of supporters that are 100% guaranteed to work with her. We’ve also broken down the key strengths and weaknesses of these bot lane duos, so you’ll know exactly why they’re so powerful as a team.


Jinx and Thresh are known as a strong duo in professional play, so it’s no surprise that they are the strongest pair and get the top spot on this list.

The best thing about Jinx-Thresh lies in their abilities to chain spells and crowd controls. Whether it’s Thresh’s hook, flay (E) or ultimate, the crowd control is long enough for Jinx to perform some attacks or launch and activate her own shells (E).

In addition, Thresh does an excellent job of protecting Jinx if she is attacked, thanks to the lantern that allows her to safely reposition herself. Given Jinx’s power in the late-game as a hypercarry, it becomes pretty hard for opponents to win fights if they can’t take her out.

If you want to climb SoloQ, Thresh is always the first choice to play with Jinx. However, this pair requires a high level of experience and good coordination, so make sure you control the champions properly.


There are situations when playing an Engage supporter does not fit well with the team composition. In such cases it is much better to choose an enchanter. Of all the Enchanters in the game, Lulu is the best one to choose for Jinx.

Lulu has great tools to protect her carry: She can constantly shield it with her E and use Wild Growth (R) or her polymorph to neutralize enemy threats trying to kill Jinx. Regardless of what she does with her spells, Lulu gives Jinx enough breathing room to kite the enemies, with the sweet resets and then take over the fights that way.

Her weak point is the early game, but except against special matchups, you’ll be fine with this team most of the time.


Since Jinx and Lulu are often played together, there is a high chance that the latter will be banned. In this case, it is a great opportunity to select Milio as an alternative to enchanter, especially since Yuumi is very weak in the current meta.

The main difference between Milio and Lulu is his Cozy Campfire, which increases Jinx’s attack range. Together with her fishbone (Q), Jinx can attack from a safe distance without being touched. And even if Jinx is attacked, Milio can protect her with his ultimate by clearing all crowd controls and then providing Lulu with additional healing as well.

Just like Lulu, however, the early game of this bot lane duo is not exceptional. Milio has only one damage spell and it has a long cooldown as well. Focus on farming and scaling into the later stages of the game: only then does this combo really start to shine and win you the match.


As with Lulu, there is a chance that Thresh will be banned, especially in this meta, as he is one of the best supporters in the game. In this case, Nautilus is the second best choice for engage-supporters.

He also has hooks and crowd control to lock down enemies for extended periods of time, but he doesn’t have the game-changing lantern that Thresh offers. In return, his Engage is much more reliable thanks to his target-seeking ultimate, which makes it easier for Jinx to follow up with her auto-attacks and abilities.

This bot lane is a bit easier to learn than Thresh’s, but if you’re trying it out for the first time, chances are you’ll have trouble winning trades or 2v2 battles.


The final supporter on this list is Rakan, who offers similar versatility to Thresh. He can use both Engage and Peel, using his ultimate or W to exert crowd controls. He is also one of the strongest support players in this meta after the recent buffs from the balance team in patch 13.3.

Although their laning phase is not exceptional, their setup for teamfights, engages or ganks are quite strong. Rakan’s gap-closing ability allows him to easily jump on opponents, leaving Jinx and the rest of the team to follow up. If you can do this well and consistently, Jinx can be fed well and carry the game on her own. However, when Jinx is caught, Rakan needs to be nearby to protect her, otherwise he can’t jump to her. So close proximity is required.

In summary, these five Supporters are the best options to play with Jinx in . Depending on which champions are available or which playstyle best suits your team, you can choose one of these duos to help Jinx reach her full potential and dominate the opposing team. Practice with these combinations and find out which ones best suit your own playing style to dominate the field and climb up the rankings.

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