LoR Masters Europe – Week 3 – Day 2

Group Stage Week 3: Saturday, June 12th and Sunday, June 13th.
Quarterfinals: Sunday, June 20th.
Semi-Finals, Third Place Playoffs, and Grand Final: Sunday, June 27th.

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Fighter Rumble.

Rumble is a young inventor with a temper. Using nothing more than his own two hands and a heap of scrap, the feisty yordle constructed a colossal mech suit outfitted with an arsenal of electrified harpoons and incendiary rockets. Though others may scoff and sneer at his junkyard creations, Rumble doesn’t mind—after all, he’s the one with the flamespitter.

#LeagueofLegends Teams – Winstrike team.

Coaches and analysts in particular do not like to hear that a newcomer is involved in such an important tournament. They become even more concerned when it is revealed that 5 veteran rogues from another well-known team are behind it. Winstrike was born only recently when 5 former FlyToMoon players formed the team on June 20th. So, to be fair, we also have to look at the gang’s success in the old team: One of their greatest successes under the old flag was third place in the Epicenter XL tournament, with an outstanding 2-1 win over Team Liquid.

#LeagueofLegends #Skins- Akali Buffs & Battle Academia.

It’s that time again. A new patch is here and in LoL Patch 11.6 we get some buffs for Xin Zhao, as well as nerfs for healing. Of course, there are also new skins, as always. Today we take a look at the highlights of the new patch and what we can look forward to over the next 2 weeks.

#LeagueofLegends Ultimate Guides – The Ranking System.

#LeagueofLegends is one of the most popular online games ever. In 2020 alone, #LeagueofLegends had more than 110 million active players. The game, which is already 10 years old, is still extremely popular and even newcomers create accounts and play along.

LoL #LeagueofLegends – Is Yone getting all the attention from Riot?.

At the moment, #RiotGames is really flooding us with new content and especially champions. Lillia has already been released, Yone is coming on August 4th and with patch 10.17 Samira will join the League as a new ADC. But somehow everyone is just talking about the rooster in the basket. Riot, what about the girls?


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8 Replies to “LoR Masters Europe – Week 3 – Day 2”

I don't understand why nobody swings in first phase. You should always attack before summoning unless your summon does something. The enemy can't respond usually especially early. Idk why they don't.

This is a really bad tie breaker system. The entire idea behind bo3 is that you reduce rng by playing more games. Here you are discarding that for what? I understand it is very hard to make tie brakes in round robin but this is disappointing.

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