LoR Masters Europe – Semi & Finals


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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Mage Annie.

Dangerous, yet disarmingly precocious, Annie is a child mage with immense pyromantic power. Even in the shadows of the mountains north of Noxus, she is a magical outlier. Her natural affinity for fire manifested early in life through unpredictable, emotional outbursts, though she eventually learned to control these “playful tricks.” Her favorite includes the summoning of her beloved teddy bear, Tibbers, as a fiery protector. Lost in the perpetual innocence of childhood, Annie wanders the dark forests, always looking for someone to play with.

#LeagueofLegends Teams – Team Liquid.

Team Liquid Dota 2 Team LogoThe team name should also be a name for everyone. Represented in almost all esports titles, Team Liquid’s roots can be found in #BroodWars and #Starcraft. It would be presumptuous to summarize the fame and success of this traditional club in so few lines. The team has been involved in Dota 2 since 2012 and played the first The International in 2013. Last year, the blue racehorse was finally flying high and was represented at least at the end of every Dota 2 tournament on the winner’s podium.

#LeagueofLegends #Skins-New PROJECT.

New skin teasers again? The Arcana skins aren’t even out yet! Oh #RiotGames, you really spoil us with all these awesome skins and their cool designs: completely brand new concepts like the Space Groove skins, new skins in the existing lines like Battle Academia and now this. It’s an inside lootbox opener for us.

#LeagueofLegends Guides- Champion Roadmap.

In 2021 we got a total of 4 new champions. Each of them played a role in the champion lore of Lucian and Senna and Viego. The Sentinels event played a big part in 2021 and the released champions played an important role in that.

LoL #LeagueofLegends – Hot #LeagueofLegends Patch 10.15 News: Nasty Buffs & Nerfs!.

As usual, Gameplay Chief Designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter released the preview for the upcoming patch 10.15 this morning. Noticeable are the two nerfs of Aphelios and Lee Sin. Can’t we already hear the first outcry in the community? Yes, because the two champs are very popular and have recently made many appearances in the LEC and LCS.


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We can be glad that Turkey won, because that country cant lose 😀 The amount of whining kids when they lost Twitch rivals was such a shame for them

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