Lunar Revel 2023 | Official Theme – Riot Games


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2023 | Official – #RiotGames”
Music by: Nikhil Koparkar
Additional Campaign Composers: George Shaw and Dan Negovan

Vocals: Baraka May
Violins: Mark Robertson (Concertmaster), Benjamin Jacobson (Principal), Katie Sloan, Josefina Vergara, Luanne Homzy, Joel Pargman, YuEun Kim, Christian Hebel, Kayvon Sesar, Eun Mee Ahn, Mira Khomik, Radu Pieptea, Mui-Yee Chu, Mina Hong
Viola: Andrew Duckies (Principal), Luke Maurer, Victor De Almeida, Diana Wade
Cello: David Low (Principal), Julie Yoo, Christopher Ahn, Cameron Stone
Bass: Michael Valerio (Principal), Thomas Harte, Stephen Pfeifer
Yangqin: Jiale Yi
Erhu: Steve Chiu
Winds: Chris Bleth
Translator: Beibei Monter

Orchestra Contractor: Noah Gladstone
Recording Engineer: Sean Gehricke, Adam Michalak
Mixer: Adam Michalak
Conductor: Anthony Palmer
Orchestration: Edith Mudge
Copyist: Thanh Tran
Recorded at: Sony Pictures Studios
Supervised by: Kole Hicks
Executive Producer: Music

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20 Replies to “Lunar Revel 2023 | Official Theme – Riot Games”

it would be really cool if they added aurelion sol to this theme, because he is a Dragon and normally in Chinese culture there is a Dragon with one of the symbols of the lunar festival, I think it would fit perfectly with him, who knows next year.

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