Minnesota RØKKR on the Brink of Sale

Just a short while ago, we learned that Version1, the parent company of , is weighing its options for the future, which might not involve the CDL-based team. Version1, the majority owner of RØKKR, has had a pretty big presence in the League (CDL) since it kicked off back in 2020. Now, they’re mulling over merging with another organization, or if that doesn’t work out, selling the CDL team.

This development comes on the heels of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment’s shakeup at The Guard, which put the LA Guerrillas’ future up in the air. If there’s no buyer for LAG by season’s end, the organization will be toast—along with The Guard’s team.

Is Minnesota RØKKR Up for Grabs This Season?

Breaking into the Call of Duty League has always been a tall order. With a massive $25 million buy-in, only organizations with deep pockets can get in on the action. The League has become all about the Benjamins, prioritizing player salaries, sponsorships, and investment backers over pure love for the game. Every off-season, fierce bidding wars erupt over hotshot players, and more often than not, it boils down to the dough.

And honestly, who can blame them? Turning a profit in esports is a Herculean feat, so it’s only natural for organizations to chase every dollar they can.

According to Minnesota’s Fox9 news team, Version1’s COO, Brett Diamond, is kicking off a sales process for Minnesota RØKKR. It’s been a bumpy ride for the esports world lately, with organizations like TSM bowing out of Rainbow Six Siege and League of —heck, even CLG recently ditched the latter. At the end of 2022, teams were also bailing on the esports scene, like Team Liquid, for instance.

But the CDL’s Not Slowing Down

Despite the turmoil, the Call of Duty League has been smashing viewership records this year. The organizers even scored some major wins for the community at the start of the season. But it seems that’s not enough for Version1, as they still need a “shift in strategy” to stay afloat. By season’s end, we might see Minnesota RØKKR merging with another organization (like OpTic Texas, which formed from a Dallas Empire merger) or being sold off.

Currently, after a somewhat underwhelming season, Minnesota RØKKR sits in eighth place out of twelve teams, with the Call of Duty League Championship right around the corner. It’s been a bumpy year for the RØKKR, who made some hasty changes to their roster after an eight-game losing streak—almost a record for the CDL.

During its CDL stint, Minnesota RØKKR has snagged just one Major, back in the 2021 season. Will the team score another victory before the curtain falls?

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