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German Twitch is in a state of flux in 2022. The most watched streamer for over 4 years, Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris, has lost his place at the top. In the last 180 days, he lost 43% in average viewers. Because he also streamed less, his watch time dropped by as much as 70%. It is striking that MontanaBlack still talks as much on Twitch as he did in 2021, but he doesn’t play as much for a long time.

Who are the big losers among the top German streamers on Twitch? If you look at which of the major German Twitch channels have lost the most average viewers in the last 180 days, you can see:

  • MontanaBlack lost 43.3% of its average viewers
  • Jens “Knossi” Knossala lost 46.3% of his average viewers
  • Streamer xRohat lost 51.9% of its average viewers in the past six months

What’s the reason for the drastic loss of viewers? It is noticeable for all 3 streamers that they were seen significantly less on Twitch in the last half year than in the time before:

  • MontanaBlack was 45% less on air than in the half year before
  • Knossi is missing 36.5% of his hours on Twitch
  • xRohat was 40% less to watch

So it stands to reason that when popular Twitch streamers are on the air less often, or streams are cancelled or shorter, the average viewership also drops.

This seems to fit the old Twitch rule: If you want to grow, be on the air as often as possible. It’s advice that has driven many a streamer to burnout.

Twitch is eating its children – A German streamer says “It’s killing me”.

2021 was also marked by the Coronavirus and lockdowns, which generally pushed Twitch numbers up. So it’s normal for channels to have fewer viewers now.

But not all German channels fell in the last 180 days:

  • Streamers like eliasn97 (+18.6%), NoWay4u_Sir (+5%) or Amar (+22.6%) increased their viewership.
  • Other big streamers like Trymacs (-5.8%) or Gronkh (-11.6%) lost only slightly.
  • With abugok9999 (+92.2%) there is even a big winner, who could almost double his average viewer count

Among the top 10 German Twitch channels, no one has lost viewers as much as MontanaBlack in the last 180 days. Source: Sullygnome

MontanaBlack talks as much as 2021 – but plays much less

What’s different about MontanaBlack now? In MontanaBlack’s case, the absence of the Corona effect seems to be compounded by the fact that he hasn’t found a game that really suited him in the last six months:

In 2021, he was mainly active in GTA Online with 484 hours, here there was a hype about role-playing servers. He also played : Warzone, FIFA 22 and Mario Kart.

In 2021, the focus was still clearly on games: He spent 484 hours in GTA alone and “only” 400 hours in Just Chatting.

In the last half year, MontanaBlack’s focus has shifted: He continues to be as active as before in Just Chatting and has already completed 202 hours there in half a year. However, MontanaBlack has greatly reduced his gaming time on Twitch, spending “only” 55 hours in GTA 5.

MontanaBlack apparently can’t find a game he likes right now. This fits with the criticism that his “regular games” like FIFA or Call of Duty didn’t work in 2022 like they once did. Gaming on Twitch, from which MontanaBlack used to benefit greatly, is now no longer allowed in Germany. His former love for Fortnite has largely faded.

Nostalgia tournament in Call of Duty is the highlight of 2022 so far

What has been the highlight of the last few months? MontanaBlack proved on June 26 that he can still reach a lot of viewers: On that day, he was able to break the mark of 100,000 simultaneous viewers on Twitch once again with a tournament for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Viewers had been waiting a long time for the tournament, which had to be canceled a month earlier.

Gaming and especially GTA 5 key to success in German Twitch

Can it be because GTA 5 no longer pulls? In fact, GTA is still a key to success for German streamers. The biggest growth in the last six months was recorded by the streamer abugoku9999. He streamed almost 1000 hours of GTA V and increased his average viewership by 92%.

The most successful German streamer, elian97, manages his viewer numbers with a mix of just chatting and various typical Twitch games like Fortnite, Valorant, Falls Guys and the FIFA he once became famous with.

The second most successful streamer in Germany, Noway4u_Sir is a merciless League of player and spends a lot of his Twitch time there.

So the key to success on Twitch in Germany still seems to be gaming. The “Just Chatting” clips do excellently in compilations on YouTube, but they can’t seem to keep the viewer numbers on Twitch up permanently.

MontanaBlack’s personal crisis also coincides with the weak period on Twitch:

The biggest German streamer is then away from Twitch for the time being: “At the lowest point of my life”.

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