Mother took child out of school for Fortnite

A few years ago, this news item probably shocked priority parents around the world: a English mother took her then just 15 year old son from school – so that he can concentrate fully on his Fortnite career! What sounds like a dream for many young gamers, however, was a tough business move at the time. After all, Benjyfishy, the name of the young talent, was in 2019 at his young age already one of the best Fortnite players in the world, qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, 100,000 US dollars entry fee guaranteed. Now, however, the Twitch star, who is now of full age, has career on the nail again.

Fortnite career instead of school

At the time, the mother of Benjy David Fish aka Benjyfishy justified her decision by saying that her son was always tired and unfocused at school anyway from playing Fortnite at night. She wanted the then 15-year-old Fortnite pro rather himself teach at home, so that he can better concentrate on his focus on his career in e-sports can.

Fat prize money for tournaments

Presumably also the financial temptation may have been one reason. After all, the pro gamer was already working for the Fortnite World Championship, what with a guaranteed $100,000 inaugural money was involved. Much more money was in prospect through a good placement at the tournament.

This is why the career is over

At first, things went extremely well for Benjyfishy. Alone In 2019 he earned almost 400,000 US dollars with Fortnite (buy now 17,99 € ). In 2020, it was still well over 100,000 US dollars, then in 2021 around 60,000 US dollars. Now the young talent announced the immediate Exit from the world of professional Fortnite gaming an. He simply doesn’t feel like playing the game anymore and therefore doesn’t want to continue frantically. Instead, he now wants to focus his attention on Valorant direct.

Starts soccer star Mesut Özil Career as Fortnite streamer?

Mesut Özil has long been a fan of e-sports. The soccer star is said to have a particular knack for Fortnite.

Young and super successful

However, even if Benjyfishy the Battle Royale tournaments turns his back, he has been building up a remarkable career built up. On Twitch alone, he has streamed almost 4 million followers, on YouTube come once again 1.7 million subscribers on Instagram, the 18-year-old even has more than 2.1 million followers. Even without Fortnite success in e-sports, it should therefore not be a problem for the young man, earn plenty of money with gaming.


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