MPL Spring Seasons Recap

The Mobile : Bang Bang () Spring Splits for this year have concluded, and the stage is set for the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023. While the Indonesian competition continues to dominate, there have been notable ups and downs in each tournament worth exploring.

Overview of the MLBB Spring Splits

The MLBB Spring Splits featured regional leagues from different countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Cambodia, Myanmar, Mekong, NACT, and Turkey. These leagues showcased intense competition among top MLBB teams.

The Excitement of the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023

The upcoming MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023, scheduled from June 10 to June 18, will bring together 12 organizations representing various regions. The Group Stage will run from June 10 to June 13, followed by the Playoffs from June 15 to 18. This highly anticipated event promises thrilling matches and intense rivalries.

Comparing the Leagues by Hours Watched

Among the seven MPL Spring events, four leagues surpassed one million hours watched, with Indonesia and the Philippines leading the way. However, when compared to previous seasons, the viewership performances of these leagues differed significantly.

MPL Indonesia Season 11: A Shift in Popularity

MPL Indonesia Season 11, although still popular, ranked fourth in terms of viewership compared to the previous three seasons. The absence of RRQ, one of the most followed teams in MLBB, from the impacted the viewership numbers for this regional championship. Nevertheless, the Indonesian MLBB fanbase is expected to contribute significantly to the Southeast Asia plus North America, Turkey, and MENA viewership.

MPL Philippines Season 11: Growing Interest from Indonesian Viewers

MPL Philippines Season 11 became the second most popular competition in the league’s history. Interestingly, a significant number of Indonesian community casters showed interest in this tournament. Indonesian fans were drawn to the success of their countrymen in a different regional league, contributing to the viewership numbers.

MPL Malaysia Season 11: Breaking Records and Indonesian Influence

MPL Malaysia Season 11 achieved a record-breaking 6.3 million hours watched, despite having 61 fewer airtime hours than the previous season. The presence of Indonesian representatives in the tournament played a significant role in its popularity, highlighting Malaysia as a rapidly growing MLBB market.

Comparing the MPL Spring Leagues by Peak Viewers

MPL Singapore Season 5 experienced a decline in viewership compared to its previous season. The absence of live match streaming on TikTok, which attracted a substantial viewership last year, and the absence of Slate , the most popular team in Season 4, impacted the numbers.

MPL Brazil Season 4: Failing to Match Previous Numbers

MPL Brazil Season 4 faced challenges in matching the viewership numbers of the previous season. Despite more channels and platforms broadcasting the matches live, the absence of DreamMax, the most-watched team in 2023, from the Grand Final impacted the overall viewership. Changes in the Regular Season format might have also influenced viewer engagement.

MPL MENA Spring 2023: Mixed Results and Tweaks

MPL MENA Spring 2023 witnessed mixed viewership results compared to the previous split. While it performed well in terms of hours watched and average viewers, there was a slight decrease in peak viewers. The performance of Axe, the most popular team in recent splits, and tweaks in the Playoffs stage played a role in these results.

Looking Ahead to More MLBB Tournaments in 2023

The MLBB esports scene is set to expand with more tournaments planned for 2023. The statistics and trends observed during the Spring Splits provide valuable insights into the growth and development of MLBB esports. The upcoming MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023 will further gauge the success and excitement surrounding the discipline.


The MLBB Spring Seasons showcased the enthusiasm and competitive spirit of teams and fans across Southeast Asia. While some leagues experienced fluctuations in viewership, others broke records and captured the attention of international audiences. As the MLBB esports scene continues to evolve, fans can look forward to more thrilling tournaments and the growth of the community.


Which MLBB league had the highest viewership in the Spring Splits?

The Indonesian and Philippine leagues recorded the highest viewership among the MLBB Spring Splits.

Why did MPL Indonesia Season 11 experience a shift in popularity?

The absence of RRQ, a highly followed team, impacted the viewership numbers for MPL Indonesia Season 11.

What contributed to the popularity of MPL Philippines Season 11?

The interest shown by Indonesian community casters and the success of Indonesian players in the league contributed to the popularity of MPL Philippines Season 11.

How did MPL Malaysia Season 11 break records despite fewer airtime hours?

The presence of Indonesian representatives in MPL Malaysia Season 11 contributed to its record-breaking viewership numbers.

Why did MPL Singapore Season 5 experience a decrease in viewership?

The absence of live match streaming on TikTok and the absence of popular teams impacted the viewership of MPL Singapore Season 5.

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