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Valorant Agent Omen is out – at least for now.

Valorant Agent Omen usually acts from the shadows, but now he disappears into them – at least for the time being. After several game-breaking bugs, Valorant has cut off the character’s juice for the time being.

Valorant: How to assemble the optimal team.

You can roughly divide the roles and responsibilities in a team. There is the solo defender, who can hold a point alone. The Support, who makes room with skills that need to be respected. The In-Game Lead makes the calls and works with the information of his teammates.

Valorant Weapon Guide: Bucky.

We have already discussed the snipers, rifles, and sidearms in Valorant. Now it’s time for the real underdogs – the shotguns. The Bucky is the first shotgun on our list and it’s quite versatile. Here’s a quick look at the Bucky’s stats:

Valorant Weapon Guide: Phantom.

A lot has changed since the launch of Valorant’s closed beta a year ago, but one thing has remained the same – the number of weapons. We’ve already talked in detail about the Vandal, a weapon that is mostly preferred by players who rely on one-taps. But for whom is the Phantom suitable? That’s exactly the question we want to answer today.

Patch Notes – Valorant Patch 2.09: Release Date and what we expect!.

Valorant Patch 2.08 was pretty big! Sure, it didn’t add a new agent like every other act patch before it, but we did get the new map Breeze, which was more than welcome. What can we expect from Valorant Patch 2.09?

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Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. It is the first game developed by Riot Games in this genre. The game was first announced in October 2019 with the code-name Project A. It was released for Windows on June 2, 2020. It was originally scheduled for release in the summer of 2020. A closed beta launched back on April 7, 2020, and participation for the closed beta was done by sending game-keys for watching live streams of the game on the video platform Twitch (so-called “Twitch Drops”). The Twitch account had to be connected to the Riot Games account for this. Valorant left the beta phase on June 2, 2020.

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How does timmy make his sniper crosshair the same as his normal crosshair? Please if anyone can tell me how to do that would be much appreciated!!

ItzTimmy you have inspired me so much and I now have been playing valorant for 3 weeks but I have just been suspended cus I kept on disconnecting from my compter. U have inspired me to earn money for a better PC and more. Tysm, keep up the good work:)

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