New bug with Maxi’s Dark Dispatch skin?

As a video on Reddit shows, Samantha Maxis’ Dark Dispatch skin in Warzone is apparently bugged.Collision detection issues or simply another bug in Warzone? On Reddit, this question is currently occupying the CoD community. We took a look at it for you.

Space problem or bug?

Actually, the difficult to execute but absolutely deadly finishing moves in Warzone are a guarantee for a sure kill. Normally, we sneak up on an enemy, execute the move in melee, and take out our enemy without having to waste a bullet on him. However, a video posted by user “underlicou” on Reddit now shows why “normally” is apparently a stretchy term for the developers of the Battle Royale shooter.

What looks like a dance lesson to the music of rap duo Kris Kross almost went wrong for underlicou and could have turned an actually sure kill into the opposite. Is it once again a bug in Warzone or was underlicou’s opponent just standing awkwardly?


Known problem

While some comments confirm having already experienced something similar with the Maxis Dark Dispatch skin, others note that it could be a simple collision detection bug. That is, there wasn’t actually enough space to execute the finishing move, causing the animation to start but not complete due to lack of space. A user writes about the problem:

The finishing move is not bugged. The game has determined that you need more space for the animation. The game aborts a finishing move when it detects a collision with a wall or object. This is a common problem with wide, flashy executions, even back when they added some from BOCW.

Actually, the whole thing should look like this:

The bug is strongly reminiscent of the infamous Rambo fail from 2021, which threw a wrench in the plans of one or two Warzone players. Even back then, it was a collision detection issue, and if there wasn’t enough room to execute the finisher, the animation would abort, leaving a perplexed player behind. Although Raven Software is probably not directly to blame this time, the community has long been calling for finishing moves to be executed regardless of the environment. It remains to be seen whether the recently announced Terminator operator will also have to capitulate due to insufficient space.

As the new map Fortune’s Keep has shown, the Warzone developers sometimes seem to have a bit of trouble with collision detection, especially when it comes to players in walls.

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