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New Moco Store Event ! One Spin Trick | Free Fire New Event | Moco Store! Total Kitna Diamond Lagega #FIFA #eSports

FIFA 22: Year in Review SBC returns – is it worth it?

In FIFA 22 we got a new SBC in Ultimate Team: The Year in Review Player Pick SBC can be completed once again. Is the challenge worth it this time? And how expensive is it? Let’s have a look. We all love to celebrate, don’t we? This doesn’t always have to do with too much spirits, bad decisions and headaches the next morning. No, in FIFA 22 the FIFA year so far is celebrated with a new SBC… and with FUT Birthday too!

FIFA 22: Crossplay is live – cross-platform play is possible

EA ends the long wait for Crossplay for FIFA and brings Crossplay tests for FIFA 22. Ok… FINALLY you almost want to shout. Actually FIFA 22 could have had crossplay already at release. There are still many questions: Can you play between PS4 and PS5? Does crossplay include the PC? Is it even coming to the “old consoles?” And can I play FUT with buddies on other consoles? Lots of questions, we have the answers.

Super Lig TOTS in FIFA 22 – Predictions & Latest Leaks

We are really excited about the TOTS, as you can see in the wonderful overview article, which the dear Lukas Scherbaum has conjured up. With Team of the Season, it also always lends itself pretty well to predicting the individual players of each league. So… what are we waiting for? Here is our prediction for the Süper Lig Team of the Season in FIFA 22! As a bonus there are also all the latest leaks….


Inter Esports is Inter Milan’s FIFA 22 competitive team. The club was able to win the title in Europe in the Global Series 2021 and has two professional teams, one in Italy and one in Brazil. In the TOTS Cup you compete with PResende97 and Tore. After both have proven themselves as first-class FIFA players in recent years, they now want to cause a sensation as a duo.

FIFA 22 FUT Rewards: New TOTS rewards and start time for the WL [Update].

Whether Weekend League, Squad Battles or Division Rivals – in Ultimate Team we want rewards! So that you don’t lose the overview of all modes, we collect the most important information about the rewards in the FUT Champions Finals, Squad Battles and Division Rivals in FIFA 22.


FIFA 22 is still in full operation, but in the background the game makers of EA Sports are already working on the next part – FIFA 23 will be released in autumn 2022.

But under which name will the classic game be continued in autumn 2022? As things stand, it is not at all certain that the game will continue to bear the name of the world association FIFA. We have the most important information about FIFA 23 for you, why the game series will get a new name and on which consoles the next part of the soccer simulation will be available.


We can’t give you an official launch date for the next part of the FIFA game series yet. EA hasn’t communicated much in this regard yet, so so far we can only assume that FIFA 23 will be released in the period between mid-September and early October 2022, just like its predecessors. In the past years, the latest launch date of a FIFA game was October 06.

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