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Newly Buff Reaver’s Row is Insane – of #Runeterra Domintation Gameplay | LOR

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Deck Region : Shurima & #Bilgewater

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Timestamps :
0:00​​​​​​​ Preview
0:17​​ Game 1 VS Seraphine Master Yi
32:04​​ Game 2 VS Fizz Taliyah
38:10​​ Game 3 VS Taliyah

Music : Taliyah, the Stoneweaver

– Imagined Possibilites
– Time In A Bottle
– Reaver’s Row
– Stoneweaving
– Sands of Time
– Rite of Passage
– Pool Shark
– Forsaken Baccai
– Endless Devout
– Sarcophagus
– Restored Devout
– Ruinous Path

: / Arclight
Legends of #Runeterra Indonesia / LoR ID
Server : APAC / SEA
Patch : 3.18.0

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Holy crap that Seraphine deck was bullshit. If Shurima didn’t have its own busted cards like Rite of Negation and Quicksand, Seraphine would just Hearthstone her way to victory.

I was looking into Viego shurima. Can't help that he is my favorite champ. I do this for her lol. Maybe some viego sivir deck? I love having my favorite Champs in a deck. I even thought about adding akshan, but it's hard to make the two different deck styles work. Any advice? You're the most creative lor content creators I enjoy. Any advice I'd appreciate

I felt like the deck was okay if kinda memey when Row was 5 mana, now it feels very strong. You can often just win out of nowhere, creating a board out of thin air at focus speed and open-attacking when they least expect. A lot of decks cannot deal with a board full of fearsomes being summoned at round-start/focus speed. And even if the game slows down, you can outgrind even decks like Sera/Victor. Feels very powerful.

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