Nilah: The Joy Unbound | Champion Trailer

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Evil falls to joyous strength. You will know her name.

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Nilah – Ability Rundown Page

Champion Insights: Nilah Article

Nilah – Champion Spotlight

Nilah – Champion Theme

Nilah – Universe Page

Nilah – Short Story


#LeagueofLegends Champion – Marksman Sivir.


Sivir is a renowned mercenary captain who plies her trade in the deserts of Shurima. Armed with her legendary jeweled crossblade, she has fought and won countless battles for those who can afford her services, and prides herself on recovering lost treasures from the catacombs beneath the old empire—for a generous share of the profits, of course. With ancient forces stirring the very bones of Shurima, Sivir now finds herself torn between conflicting destinies…


#LeagueofLegends Teams – Vici Gaming.


What reminds us a bit of the Volkswagen icon is the stick-crushing Club Vichi Gaming. Because in 2012 the team dared the unspeakable, without any experience in competitive gameplay, the team simply founded their esport club. Because the players were well-known from the Chinese Dota League, it was only the management that was missing.


#LeagueofLegends #Skins-Leaks.


Actually, hardly a day goes by without news about #LeagueofLegends skins. Sometimes they come from #RiotGames themselves, but often enough we hear from dataminers and leakers about skins or entire skin series that will be coming to the game soon.


#LeagueofLegends Guides- Vayne Champion.


In this Season 11 Champion Guide, we’ll take a look at Vayne at the ADC position. We’ll go over the shooter’s strengths and explain why she’s one of the best Hyper Carrys in the game. Let’s get started with our Season 11 Vayne Champion Guide!


LoL #LeagueofLegends – Patch 11.16 – Patch Notes Highlights.


After a long three-week break, there is finally a new #LeagueofLegends patch. A lot has happened in patch 11.16. There are two mini reworks and some of the strongest champions have finally been generated. Here are all the highlights of LoL Patch 11.16 for you!




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35 Replies to “Nilah: The Joy Unbound | Champion Trailer”

Soon we'll finally have a champ that is inmune to everything, including the fountain and after that champ we'll get one that will win the match as soon as she kills the first minion

Fun Fact: I'm not a LoL player but a Valorant Player. I came here because Valorant announced a new agent by the name of "Mage" and rumors are that he also possesses water related powers. The only reason i'm here at this vid is to see the abilities because Neon from VALORANT and Zeri from LoL have pretty similar abilities.

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