Pack value over 100,000 coins – SBC in FIFA 22

The weekly top games Squad Building Challenge delivers new opportunities for cheap packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The total value is tempting.Just under 50 gold players are up for grabs in FUT 22 for completing the current top games Squad Building Challenge (SBC). Especially because this time each of the total five packs has a five-digit coin value, the potential for good cards is there.

Reddit Hype – FIFA Sweat vs. Chiller

As a final reward for the traditional four tasks, a Prime Gold Player Pack awaits the players:in, which would normally cost 45,000 coins. However, because this time each pack is worth more on paper, a total value of 117,000 coins is in the cards. At the very least, this is the amount that would have to be paid in the store to buy all of these packs.

Cheap solution of the top games SBC in FUT 22

Required is a coin value between 35,000 and 40,000 to complete the full SBC with all tasks. Until Thursday this challenge is available before it is replaced by the next variant of the top games.

AZ Alkmaar vs. Feyenoord

  • Eredivisie players: At least 1
  • Players of the same league: At least 4
  • Players from the same country/region: Max. 4
  • Rare players: Min. 1
  • Team total score: At least 75
  • Team chemistry: At least 70
  • Cost: 5,500 coins
  • Reward: Gold Player Pack (12,500 coins)


In this example, cheap players from the Süper Lig contribute to team chemistry as much as the Danish bronze players. (Source:

Sevilla FC vs. Real Betis

  • Sevilla FC or Betis Sevilla players: min. 1
  • LaLiga player: At least 2
  • Countries/Regions: Max. 6
  • Rare players: Min. 1
  • Team total score: At least 77
  • Team chemistry: At least 75
  • Cost: 7,500 coins
  • Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15,000 coins)


In this solution, players from the top Turkish league also deliver good value for money. (Source:

Lazio vs. Napoli

  • Lazio or SSC Napoli players: At least 2
  • Players of the same league: Max. 5
  • Clubs: Min. 4
  • Rare players: At least 1
  • Team total score: At least 79
  • Team chemistry: At least 80
  • Cost: 9,000 coins
  • Reward: Prime Electrum Player Pack (20,000 coins)


Ukrainians from different leagues combine well. (Source:

Chelsea vs. Liverpool

  • Chelsea FC players: At least 1
  • Liverpool FC player: At least 1
  • Leagues: At least 4
  • Rare players : At least 2
  • Team total score: At least 81
  • Team chemistry: At least 85
  • Cost: 14,000 coins
  • Reward: Premium Gold Player Pack (25,000 coins)


Furthermore, the Bundesliga provides enough cheap gold cards, which in this case are associated with some Frenchmen. (Source:


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