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In Fortnite today, June 21, the servers go down on all platforms (PC, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, Android). The maintenance will be used to upload the new update 20.30 to the servers. Preliminary patch notes for the update can be found here. What’s happening in Fortnite today? This time you can expect a patch. The servers will be taken offline for maintenance and the new patch 21.10. The patch brings new skins, wild weapons and possibly changes to the map. To make sure you don’t miss anything, we at MeinMMO will update this article regularly throughout the day for you.

Update 11:38 am: The servers are active again and we have listed all patch notes for you in the rest of the post.

Fortnite: Server Down – When and how long will it be offline?

This is the downtime in the morning: The servers are expected to go down at 10:00 AM our time to install update 21.10. Matchmaking will be disabled 30 minutes before that, so you won’t be able to search for new rounds after 09:30.

When will you be able to play again? The servers are usually offline for several hours during such maintenance work and playing is then no longer possible. The downtime is expected to last between 30 minutes and 2 hours. This is what the updates of the past weeks have shown. During such maintenance work there can always be technical problems, bugs and delays. In case of such complications, we will immediately report them here.

When are the patch notes coming? Epic Games has been publishing little to no patch notes for a while now. However, members of the community usually look for and find the changes quickly. However, if there are still important changes, we will also add this article for you.

What new content does update 21.10 bring?

What’s new for Battle Royale mode? There are no concrete statements from Epic Games about the contents of patch 21.10 yet. However, the launch of “Summer Royale 2022” would be possible.


Darth Vader has begun his mission on the island and lands in a specific spot on the island in each match along with his stormtroopers. Defeat Darth Vader and take his lightsaber! With Darth Vader’s lightsaber you can deflect shots, throw the lightsaber at your enemies like a boomerang and, of course, hit them with it if they get in your way. Returning along with the stormtroopers are the E-11 blaster rifles back again! Find the E-11 blaster rifles in imperial chests at Darth Vader landing sites or get them from eliminated stormtroopers.


You have a certain aura about you … In the “Bonus Rewards” section of the Battle Pass, all players who had reached level 100 were previously able to unlock bonus styles for outfits from Chapter 3 – – Season 3. With v.21.10, this – Season ‘s super level styles have been added! Achieve progress beyond level 140 in Chapter 3 – – Season 3 and unlock the Styles Platinum Crack, Blue-slurp and Aura shine for Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina and Storm Runner free.


Show how you play Fortnite! There is now a new option to add up to three social media tags to your profile. Social Media Tags that can be seen by other players. With these tags you can add your Favorite Game Modes (2 vs. 2, Deathrun, Free For All, etc.), your Game type (Relaxed, microphone off, microphone on, etc.) and your preferred Competitive Events (Cosmetic Cup, Hype Cup, Lightning Cup, etc.) highlight. Also, Fortnite game experiences will be suggested to you based on your social media tags.

To add social media tags to your profile, simply click on your profile icon in the sidebar and then select +Add tag off. Once you have at least one social media tag on your profile, you will be able to send group invitations to players with the same tags or receive group invitations from players with the same tags (if they are in the same server region as you). These group invitations can be sent via the new section “Search by Group” in the sidebar. This section is Fortnite’s own “Search by Group” (LFG) feature that lets you connect with people based on your interests and region.

In this section, you must enable “Search by Group” before you can send invitations to or receive invitations from players. You can disable “Search by Group” at any time. If the feature is disabled, you will no longer receive invitations and your sent invitations will expire. If you are playing Duo, Trio, Team, etc., “Search by Group” is optional. The usual invitation system for groups still exists. Social media tags and “Search by Group” are features that are still being tested. These features will gradually be made available to all players. The pace here will be determined by the progress of the test.


We have adjusted how many reality fruits grow on a reality seedling based on its frequency level. In each growth cycle, reality seedlings now grow:


  • 3 fruits if uncommon or rare
  • 2 fruits if epic
  • 1 fruit if legendary or mythical


We have reduced the detection radius of Visualize Sound Effects for footsteps, chests, and vehicles to more closely match the range over which these sounds would be audible. This means that the source of these sounds must be closer before it is displayed on the HUD.


  • The “Darth Vader” boss, Darth Vader’s lightsaber, stormtroopers, and E-11 blaster rifles are not available in competitive game modes.


What do you think of the constant updates that feed Fortnite with new content? Do you think it’s cool that Epic is putting effort into this, or do you get sick of the constant updates? Let us know in the comments!


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