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Champion – Assassin Evelynn.

Within the dark seams of Runeterra, the demon Evelynn searches for her next victim. She lures in prey with the voluptuous façade of a human female, but once a person succumbs to her charms, Evelynn’s true form is unleashed. She then subjects her victim to unspeakable torment, gratifying herself with their pain. To the demon, these liaisons are innocent flings. To the rest of Runeterra, they are ghoulish tales of lust gone awry and horrific reminders of the cost of wanton desire.

League of Legends Teams – Team Liquid.

Team Liquid Dota 2 Team LogoThe team name should also be a name for everyone. Represented in almost all titles, Team Liquid’s roots can be found in BroodWars and StarCraft. It would be presumptuous to summarize the fame and success of this traditional club in so few lines. The team has been involved in Dota 2 since 2012 and played the first The International in 2013. Last year, the blue racehorse was finally flying high and was represented at least at the end of every Dota 2 tournament on the winner’s podium.

League of Legends – Skins-Sentinels of Light.

The Ruination Event in League of Legends is in full swing and now we get skins that fit the event. The Sentinels of Light skins and a new Ruined skin are coming with LoL Patch 11.14 and they are already live on PBE. Let’s take a look at them!

League of Legends Guides- Top 5 Strongest Mid Laners.

The mid-lane is one of the most popular positions in League of Legends. Mid-Laners are the ones who have control and the fastest way to the opponent’s base. All eyes are on them to lead the team. So, which champions in Patch 11.1 can help you do just that?

When is the next patch update?.

You are a fan of League of Legends? You want to finally get out of this Gold I hell? Then you probably need to do a bit more than just read this article. But it’s a good start. Not only are there some pre– Season changes, Riot Games releases a lot of patches during the – Season .So to make it a bit easy for you, we’ve listed the whole list of patches and the LoL patch schedule here.

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