Player farms a super rare mount in WoW

MMORPGs are known for the fact that you can spend a lot of time in them – especially if you hunt for certain things. One player really wanted a special mount in World of Warcraft, and after 4 years, he can finally call it his own.

Which mount are we talking about? “Invincible” is the name of Arthas Menethil’s horse. When he became the Lich King, he simply revived his beloved horse as undead, and this death horse with wings is now available to WoW players as a mount. Invincible is among one of the most sought-after items in WoW, as it is an absolutely unique and rare mount. Accordingly, there are many players who want to secure the mount and regularly go farming for it. One of these players is the Twitch streamer Bingo1. He finally got his dream mount after 4 years of farming and duly celebrates the drop with a pointed scream and a true “nerdgasm”, jumping wildly around the room.

Why is Invincible so rare? Invincible only drops in Icecrown Citadel’s 25-player Heroic mode and only on the final boss, the Lich King. You can only defeat him once per week and per character. This became even harder in 2020 due to a change, because a trick with switching the difficulty no longer worked.So the Icecrown Citadel has to be completely cleared with every character – which should take around 15 minutes to half an hour. Accordingly, it takes a lot of effort to farm such a mount.

9 years since the first attempt – 4 years of active farm

That’s how long it took Bingo1: Bingo1 started his first attempt back in 2013, back then in Mists of Pandaria, as he himself explains. However, he only started actively farming Invincible in Battle for Azeroth in 2018.

So Bingo1 ran through the raid for his mount over 200 times in those 4 years – per character he attempted it with. The streamer was admittedly quite unlucky with the drops. By the way, WotLK Classic is supposed to be released in September. There you will even have the chance to see the rare horse live again. The joy of the player is therefore also little surprising, because after so much work you can already let out a shout of joy in the Nether. On the other hand, there are also those players who seem to be given a sun account as a gift and are simply outrageously lucky:


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