Asia and Europe have most Platinum Trophies

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently published the data from a user survey that compared PlayStation owners in the US, Europe, Asia and Japan. Among other things, it was about the number of games, the game duration or but the most trophies.

Sony survey: players In Asia and Europe have the most platinum trophies


Sony Interactive Entertainment recently shared data from a user survey at CEDEC 2022. This compared owners of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles in the Japan, Asia, US and Europe regions. While the roughly 47-minute video of the presentation goes into detail about the latest gaming trends of PS4, PS5, and PlayStation VR users, Twitter user Genki translated some of the most interesting slides.

US users play the most titles in a year

In the survey, US gamers top the list when it comes to the number of titles they play per year. 10.7 titles are played by gamers in the US, followed by 9.6 titles in Europe. Interestingly, users in Japan play the fewest games per year with 5.9 titles, but their average playing time per title is much higher than in the other regions.

Japanese gamers also buy the most disc-only versions of video games, while the U.S. buys the fewest silver discs. However, the share of digital purchases is very high worldwide. Digital versions of games are now purchased more often worldwide than their disc cousins.

Japanese users also have the highest average trophy share among top titles. They average 17 trophies, while players in the US average just one trophy among the top titles. European players, by the way, are in second place with seven trophies.

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When it comes to Platinum Trophies, the Asia region comes out on top. Asian users can boast an average of 13 Platinum Trophies. European players are close behind with twelve trophies. Users from Japan and the U.S. probably don’t rely on platinum trophies for their games. In Japan, players only get four platinum trophies on average, while the US is even further behind with only one trophy.

Source: PlayStationLifeStyle

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