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  • The Playstation 5 has basically been constantly sold out since its market launch in November 2020. Buying ’s popular console is thus a real test of patience for gamers.
  • In order to increase your chances of getting hold of a PS5, you should regularly inform yourself about possible drops.
  • We’ll keep you updated here and have all the latest information on the Playstation 5 sale for you.

Right after its launch on November 19, 2020, the Playstation 5 was already completely sold out everywhere – and that despite its high price of 499.00 euros for the edition with drive and 399.00 euros for the Digital Edition without drive. And even in 2022, it is anything but easy to get hold of a PS5. As soon as the popular console from Sony is available at a retailer, it is already out of stock. So that you can get your hands on the Playstation 5 as soon as possible, we will inform you about possible PS5 drops, promotions and announcements here every day.

Buy the Playstation 5 – where can you do that?

So when does the next PS5 sale start? Where can you get the Playstation 5 right now alternatively? We keep you up to date and have all the latest info for you:


Update September 15, 2022

According to experience, PS5 drops always happen towards the end of the month. Since there hasn’t been a Playstation 5 replenishment for a long time, even at large retailers like Media Markt, Saturn or Amazon, the probability that the console could be available again in the next two weeks increases. However, there are no attractive offers yet – apart from overpriced bundles or usurious deals on various marketplaces. Of course, we keep an eye on the situation and report about new drops, which will certainly not be too long in coming.


Update 14 September 2022

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Sony Interactive held another in which, among other things, a new “God of War Ragnarok” trailer was shown. The action adventure will be released on November 9, 2022 and is already available for pre-order now*. Especially exciting: There will also be a matching DualSense controller in the Ragnarok design!

Other than that, there’s nothing to report on the PS5 front today. You should therefore keep an eye on these stores and wait for the next drop:


Update 12 September 2022

The week starts with good news for PS5 fans: Sony has once again sent out invitations to buy the Playstation 5 at Playstation Direct. The closed sale will take place today between 10:30am and 12:00pm. So be sure to check your email inbox including your spam folder! As always, there is a chance that there will also be a free sale on the PS5 starting at 12:00. So you should be ready and have your credit card nearby.

Otherwise, the PS5 market situation is currently rather confusing, as there are obviously only small quantities in circulation right now. In addition, larger electronics store chains (such as Media Markt and Saturn) bring the majority of the supplies to the stationary sales – online, accordingly, relevant drops are unfortunately rare.


Update 9 September 2022

A third of September is almost over again – and so far there have been very few PS5 drops. But that’s not particularly unusual, because in the past the Playstation 5 was also sold in intervals of several weeks and especially in the second half of the month. Currently, your chances of getting the PS5 are best if you visit your local Media Markt or Saturn store. There, you can often pick up the console directly or at least pre-order it.


Update 8 September 2022

Actually, the PS5 re-release of “The Last of Us Part 1” costs between 70.00 and 80.00 Euros – but at Media Markt* and Saturn* you can get the game and a DualSense controller in black or white for only 99.99 Euros right now.

If you need a Playstation 5 to play “The Last of Us Part 1” beforehand, you should check out Alternate*. There, the PS5 bundle, which consists of the console, “Horizon: Forbidden West”, “Gran Turismo 7” and the Razer Barracuda Pro headphones, now costs only 949.00 Euros instead of 999.00 Euros.

Otherwise, you should continue to keep an eye on these retailers:


Update 7 September 2022

Even today, there are unfortunately no indications of an upcoming PS5 drop at the known retailers. But at least there is news around the coveted console! Sony has now announced a new design for the Playstation 5. Controllers, headsets and the console itself will be available in camouflage in the future. You can pre-order the new designs from September 15, 2022 at Playstation Direct. The DualSense controller and the console covers will be released on October 14, 2022.


Update September 6, 2022

Unfortunately, there is not much news on the PS5 front today, Tuesday. The Alternate bundle for 999.00 Euros* is still available – unfortunately, there are no signs of new drops at the moment. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to take a look at Ebay* if you absolutely want to secure a console. Of course, there are a lot of offers there – but you should definitely make sure that the Playstation 5 is sold in its original packaging! On average, you’ll have to pay a surcharge of about 150.00 to 200.00 Euros on Ebay. This means that you won’t find a PS5 for less than 600.00 Euros.


Update September 5, 2022

The Playstation 5 has also been listed at Lidl since the weekend!* That’s good news at first – but there’s a catch: The console costs a whopping 699.00 euros at the discounter, which is about 150.00 euros more than the list price. On top of that, there are shipping costs of 4.95 euros, which is why you’ll pay a whole 703.95 euros for the Playstation 5. At least the console is available for immediate delivery.

You can find different PS5 bundles at Kaufland. Depending on the scope of delivery, they cost between 749.00 and 899.00 Euros – in addition to the console, you also get and accessories like headsets or additional controllers.

Last but not least, you can also get the Playstation 5 at Alternate*, where you can find a bundle consisting of the PS5 Standard Edition in the “Horizon: Forbidden West” bundle, “Gran Turismo 7” and the Razer Barracuda Pro headset for 999.00 Euros.


Update 2 September 2022

After a long time, Sony is finally launching another PS5 exclusive title this Friday: You can now get the remake of “The Last of Us Part 1″*. The original came out almost ten years ago and was already able to convince numerous Playstation fans.

In addition, a new PS5 bundle has appeared in the online stores of Media Markt and Saturn! It includes the Standard Edition of the Playstation 5 and the games “Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves” and “Gran Turismo 7”. The bundle costs 619.99 Euros – but you can’t buy it yet. Still, the sudden appearance could be an indication of an upcoming PS5 drop. So keep an eye on the tech retailers!


Update 1 September 2022

September starts with good news for gamers in Berlin! The Media-Markt store in the Alexa shopping center at Alexanderplatz is reopening after a renovation. To celebrate, there are some exciting offers to be discovered there – including the Playstation 5. You should hurry, though, because the contingent will surely be sold out quickly.

All those who unfortunately don’t have the opportunity to spontaneously drive to Media Markt in Berlin should still not give up hope – after all, the month has only just begun. Here you can find the Playstation 5 at various retailers:


Update 31. August 2022

The last day of August unfortunately brings nothing new on the PS5 front. We don’t expect a major drop today – let’s see how it goes on in September! In case a retailer spontaneously starts a small sale, you should still keep an eye on these stores today:


Update 30. August 2022

The time has come: yesterday on Playstation Direct Sony deposited the new prices for the two versions of the Playstation 5. This is what they look like:

  • Playstation 5 Digital Edition – 449,99 Euro
  • Playstation 5 Digital Edition in “Horizon: Forbidden West” Bundle – 509,99 Euro
  • Playstation 5 – 549,99 Euro
  • Playstation 5 in “Horizon: Forbidden West” Bundle – 609,99 Euro


Meanwhile, the price adjustment is also visible at other retailers. For example, the new RRP is now applied to newly shipped PS5 consoles. Unfortunately, this also applies if you have already been put on a waiting list in June or July. The old price only applies if you have already signed a purchase contract or made a down payment.

At the new prices, you can secure some PS5 bundles starting at 579.99 Euros at Otto* today. These are equipped with games, controllers, a camera or remote control. Hurry up, so you can hold your new Playstation in your hands soon!


Update 29 August 2022

Many retailers still have the Playstation 5 at the old prices – but that should change before the next drop. Still, it might be worth keeping your eyes open to get your hands on the console for the last time at the old price! Here you can directly find the PS5 at various stores:

Unfortunately, there are almost no premium offers for the Playstation 5 on the market at the same time. E wie Einfach is the exception: At the energy provider you can secure green gas or green electricity and get a PS5 bundle!


Update 26. August 2022

Yesterday, Sony dropped a little bombshell out of nowhere: The company announced that it is raising the prices for the Playstation 5 – effective immediately. The Digital Edition will now cost around 450.00 Euros, while the standard model will be priced at 550.00 Euros. So, both consoles will be 50.00 Euros more expensive – according to Sony because of rising inflation and currency risks.

Yesterday’s drop at Media Markt and Saturn was not yet affected by the price increase: Around 14:00 gamers were able to secure a large selection of PS5 bundles. If you missed the online drop, it’s worth checking out the stores today. If you’re lucky, you can even pick up the Playstation 5 directly or at least pre-order it.

You already have a PS5 in mind, but you’re still missing games? Or you want to expand your game collection for the PS4? Until September 2, 2022, you can still secure many titles at reduced prices in the Sony Playstation Summer Sale at Saturn. Here you can find our highlights:


Update 25 August 2022

Currently, we can again observe the typical PS5 sales pattern: While the Playstation 5 is hardly sold at the beginning of the month, the number of drops increases significantly towards the end of the month.

The most recent example of this is Amazon. The shipping giant has finally sent the first invitations to customers who have expressed interest in the console. Now the lucky ones have 72 hours to complete the order. If you have also requested an invitation from Amazon, you should take a look at your inbox – you might have received an email.

If you haven’t requested an invitation to buy the PS5 yet, you should definitely do so! Click here to get the Playstation 5 at Amazon:


Update 24. August 2022

After Otto and Alternate sold the PlayStation 5 yesterday, more retailers could follow suit in the next few days. Especially Saturn and Media Markt would be due again – so keep an eye on the stores. At the same time, you can still get on the waiting list for the PlayStation 5 at Amazon to get an invitation for the next drop.

Here’s an overview of the retailers you should check out regularly:


Update 23 August 2022

Otto has unlocked* some PS5 bundles this morning: Some with “Horizon: Forbidden West”, others with other additional games and controllers. The prices ranged between 535.00 and 630.00 euros – so there was definitely an appealing selection! Even though most of the bundles are already sold out, it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on the Otto product page*, since returns might come back into the system.

Otherwise, you can already prepare for tomorrow’s Wednesday by adding all PS5 bundles to your wishlist at Amazon and – if possible – requesting an invite for the next drop (you’ll need to be logged into your Amazon account for this). Here you can find the Playstation 5 at Amazon:


Update 22. August 2022

Today you can still get the Digital Edition bundle at Alternate*. Included: The Playstation 5 Digital Edition, “Horizon: Forbidden West” and the Razer Barracuda Pro headphones for 769.00 Euros.* Otherwise, you can still check out Media Markt and Saturn. The last online sale of the PS5 was almost a month ago, but you can still get the console in some stores on demand.

You can also still get your hands on the Playstation 5 at E wie Einfach*, where you can sign up for an eco-gas or eco-electricity contract and pay an additional 249.00 euros for a PS5 bundle.


Update 19. August 2022

Amazon continues to diligently collect PS5 expressions of interest – it remains to be seen when the first drop will occur after the launch of the new system. If you haven’t requested an invite yet, you can do so now for a chance at the Playstation 5. Click here to visit the PS5 product pages on Amazon:

At the same time, you can check out Alternate*: There is currently still a PS5 bundle available that consists of the Digital Edition, “Horizon: Forbidden West” and the Razer Barracuda Pro headphones. Hurry up!

You also still have a chance to grab the Playstation 5 at your local Media Markt, Saturn, Expert or GameStop. Just call or drop by and you can often take your new console with you after just a few days.


Update 18 August 2022

It’s official: From now on, you no longer need a Prime membership to buy a Playstation 5 from Amazon. From now on, the consoles will be sold via an invitation system, as we already know from Playstation Direct. This means that whenever consoles are in stock again, a “Request Invitation” button will appear on the product pages. After clicking it, the invitation will then be checked and with a bit of luck, you will receive a purchase invitation.

Currently, you can buy console bundles at Kaufland – but you should hurry. The PS5 bundle includes the games “Horizon: Forbidden West”, “” and “Call of Duty Vanguard” as well as an additional controller in Midnight Black and the Razer headset Kraken for Console. It costs 799.99 euros. You can choose between a bundle with a white controller and one with a black controller.

You should also keep an eye on these stores:


Update 17 August 2022

Amazon sells the Playstation 5 from experience once or twice a month – and always on Wednesdays. Therefore, it is quite possible that we can also look forward to a PS5 drop at Amazon today. So you should definitely keep an eye on these product pages:

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need a valid Prime membership* to buy the consoles.

You should also check out Euronics*. In the online store, a bundle* consisting of the Playstation 5, “Horizon: Forbidden West” and “Gran Turismo 7” was sold this morning. You might still be lucky and get hold of a remaining stock or a return.


Update 16 August 2022

At 10:30 am there will be another closed PS5 sale at Playstation Direct today. If you have received an invitation by mail, you can secure the Playstation 5 directly. But even for those who didn’t get an invitation, the chances of getting the console today are very good. Many of those who received an invitation have already passed up the opportunity to buy, because they already got their hands on a Playstation 5 elsewhere. This means that around 12:00 pm, some consoles will most likely go on sale! So be sure to log in to Playstation Direct with your PSN data in time.


Update 15 August 2022

Gamescom 2022 will take place at the end of August. This means that we can probably expect a lot of new games – of course also for the Playstation 5. However, you need the right console to play them. Big online drops have been rather rare lately, but maybe that is a good sign. It could be that Sony is now able to deliver the Playstation 5 regularly. This is supported by the fact that Media Markt and Saturn have recently sold some consoles in their stores – and for a longer period of time. So you should still stop by your local store and just ask!

However, statistically speaking, the likelihood of online drops also increases from this week onwards, as in the past, most sales have taken place in the second half of the month. So you should keep an even closer eye on these online stores in the coming days:


Update 12 August 2022

Conrad has actually focused entirely on business with business customers, government agencies and craftsmen. Nevertheless, the electronics store sold quite a large amount of PS5 consoles to gamers last night. It’s also not impossible that Conrad will either replenish consoles once again, or that returns will come back into the system and be sold again.


Update 11 August 2022

Normally, Amazon sells the Playstation 5 on Wednesdays, but yesterday it remained quiet about the console – despite previous Prime notices. Maybe something went wrong at Amazon, but maybe the sale was not even planned for Wednesday. In any case, the Prime notice is still an indication of an imminent sale, which is why you should keep an eye on the Amazon product pages. Alternatively, you can still try your luck in Media Markt, Saturn or GameStop stores.


Update 10. August 2022

Exactly 14 days ago, we were able to order the Playstation 5 from Amazon* for the last time. So Wednesday is still the day of the week when most Amazon drops take place. Whether there are consoles to buy again today? There is no guarantee, of course. However, there have already been several promotions at Amazon in other European countries in the past few weeks. In addition, the infamous note “Prime members have priority access to the Playstation 5” has reappeared among the PS5 offers.

To buy the Playstation 5 from Amazon, you’ll need a Prime membership. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up for a trial membership here.


Update 9 August 2022

Sony wants to ship more than 18 million consoles by April 2023. That would be five million units per remaining quarter – quite a lot. If the manufacturer manages that, the situation on the PS5 market will probably finally relax.

Which retailers are contributing something to the fulfillment of these goals today? Possibly Otto.* The mail-order company has been selling consoles almost weekly lately – and usually on a Tuesday or a Thursday. So definitely keep an eye on the store!

Of course, you should also regularly check the Playstation 5 product pages at other retailers:


Update 8. August 2022

Last week, a pleasing number of gamers were able to dust off a Playstation 5. Will it continue like that this week? Could be good!

For example at Media Markt* and Saturn*, where you can still get hold of the coveted console in some stores – just ask at your local store. Or take a look at the Otto website. After a one-month break, the mail-order company sold six bundles last week. It also seems to be quite a large contingent because the console was available for almost two hours. We therefore assume that there could be another PS5 drop at Otto* soon!

Of course, we can’t forget Playstation Direct, where Sony sells the Playstation 5 about every two weeks, and Amazon*. Traditionally, the chances of a PS5 drop are best there on Wednesdays – so quickly sign up for a Prime membership* and keep your eyes open.

Alternatively, you can still get your Playstation 5 at E wie Einfach*. There, you can get your bundle 14 days after signing the contract for an additional payment of 249.00 Euros.


Update 5. August 2022

An enjoyable PS5 week for many gamers is coming to an end. Because in the first days of August, the Playstation 5 went over numerous store counters – both virtual and physical. For example, we were able to get hold of the console yesterday in Kaufland’s online store.

Stores like Media Markt* and Saturn* are also receiving regular PS5 deliveries, while other retailers like Euronics* are going empty-handed – it’s been 100 days since the last PS5 drop there. So pay your local Media Markt or Saturn a visit and ask for the “Horizon: Forbidden West” bundle. Both retailers are currently advertising the bundle on social media:


Update 3. August 2022

If there is the PS5 at Amazon, then usually on a Wednesday. Accordingly, the expectations are then also today August 3, 2022. Usually, the console is only available for Prime members. The deals usually go live around 11:00 am. In this respect, it can be worthwhile to already put the Playstation 5 on one’s list now, in order to be able to quickly strike later, if there are actually available consoles. Here are the appropriate links:


Update 2 August 2022

Yesterday, Monday, August 1, 2022, Sony sent some select Playstation Direct customers an invitation to the PS5 factory sale. The sale will take place this morning. If you didn’t receive an invite, you’re probably not a member of Playstation Now, which is a requirement to participate in Playstation Direct. So we advise you to register as soon as possible so that you can hopefully join the next factory sale.

Tip: Also check out Playstation directly from lunchtime onwards. If there are any consoles left from the factory sale, they will go on sale, giving you a chance – albeit a small one – to buy them without an invitation.


Update August 1, 2022

New month, new week, new luck? Rather not. The situation remains unchanged. While the PS5 was available at a few Media Markt and Saturn stores last week, you still won’t find it online – unless you’re willing to pay a premium extortionate surcharge. Thus, only the usual suspects like Kaufland or Ebay remain, where you will have to pay a proud 200.00 Euros for the Playstation 5.

But there is also more pleasant news: As Gameswirtschaft has found out, the prices for the console are slowly but surely going down. Thus, the PS5 is getting cheaper and cheaper, which is due to the decreasing demand – after all, most gamers already own a Playstation by now. Nevertheless, we are of course still on the lookout for new drops!


Update 29 July 2022

Isolated stores of Media Markt and Saturn still offer the possibility to pre-order the PS5. However, as was the case earlier this week, there is no official list of participating stores, so you’ll just have to head to your nearest store to try your luck.

Online, the PS5 is still mostly sold out or only available at extortionate prices. The biggest selection is at Kaufland, where you’ll have to pay at least 700.00 Euros for the console. We don’t recommend this, though – factors like the expected operating costs, inflation and so on are already enough of a burden on the account to justify the surcharge of over 200.00 Euros. If you absolutely want a new console, you can also buy the Xbox Series S at Media Markt in the meantime. The Microsoft counterpart to the PS5 is currently available in a bundle with the Game Pass:


Update 28 July 2022

Saturn and Media Markt remain the most likely sources for the coveted Playstation 5 today. However, the console, which could be pre-ordered at the two electronics chains this week, can only be reserved in isolated stores. So there is probably no need to make a special trip to the nearest store.

We advise having a bit more patience. Sony has allegedly boosted the production of the PS5 and supplies shouldn’t be too long in coming. The situation could relax by Christmas at the latest … at least we hope so.

Alternatively, there are always bundle offers for the PS5 and cell phone or electricity contracts. At the moment, for example, you can get the console with a green electricity plan from E wie Einfach*. There, you get the Playstation 5 for a one-time additional payment of 249.00 euros (plus your monthly payments for green electricity) together with the game “Horizon Forbidden West” and twelve months of Playstation Plus membership. Value of the package: almost 640.00 euros. Click here for the offer*.


Update 27 July 2022

Both Media Markt and Saturn continue to advertise a pre-order promotion for the PS5 bundled with “Horizon: Forbidden West” and “Gran Turismo 7”. However, the console bundles can only be pre-ordered in-store. It is also not clear exactly which stores are participating in the promotion.

During the course of this morning, some bundles were available online – but as usual, the contingent was very limited and sold out quickly. Amazon also had some Playstation 5 bundles in stock for a short time. In the meantime, however, they are out of stock again (source: “Gameswirtschaft”).

Therefore, our thesis is: Save yourself the trip to your local branch of Media Markt or Saturn. The console probably won’t be available there either. The next online drop is sure to come …


Update 26 July 2022

Sony seems to have produced a lot of consoles in the last few weeks, because currently we are almost slain with PS5 drops (not that we would complain about that). After it has already been offered several times in the last few days, you may be able to secure it again today.

Namely at Media Markt* and Saturn*. There, another pre-order promotion started last week in the stores and in some markets you can still reserve the Playstation 5 – just go by and ask. The promotion includes a bundle with a PS5 Standard Edition, “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Gran Turismo 7” for 640.00 Euros. You have to pay a deposit of 100.00 Euros and can then pick up your Playstation at the end of the month.

And you should also keep an eye on Otto*. The mail order company last had a drop at the beginning of the month, so it’s not unlikely that another one will follow at the end of the month.

If you want to get your hands on your Playstation 5 as soon as possible, you can also secure the console at E wie Einfach.* There, you’ll get it for 249.00 euros as a bonus for a new contract. In addition to the console, you also get one year of PS Plus and the game “Horizon Forbidden West”.


Update 25 July 2022

There will be another PS5 sale at Playstation Direct between 10:30 and 12:00 this morning – even though the last one was just on Friday! Selected customers were contacted yesterday afternoon. This gives everyone who didn’t receive an email from Sony the (theoretical) possibility to get hold of a Playstation 5 in the free sale after the campaign. So log in to Playstation Direct right away and be ready in case there is a queue at 12:00.

Even those who were lucky enough to pre-order a console in-store at Media Markt or Saturn last week will likely have it in their hands by the end of this week. And they might not be the only ones, because a PS5 drop at Amazon* is also possible this week. The most likely date for this is – as always – Wednesday. We will keep you up to date!

Until then, keep an eye on the product pages of these stores:


Update 22 July 2022

Yesterday, Thursday, Playstation 5 fans were happy about the second drop this week. After Amazon had unlocked a bundle contingent on Wednesday, it went into the second round with Alternate* just one day later. You could get hold of a PS5 bundle for 774.00 Euros. In addition to the console, this included the two games “Horizon: Forbidden West”, “Gran Turismo 7”, a remote control and a Logitech headset.

And what’s in store for today? According to “GamesWirtschaft”, there could be another sales promotion at Playstation Direct starting at 10:30. However, there is no confirmation of this yet.


Update 21 July 2022

Yesterday, Wednesday, there was finally another drop at Amazon*. The run on the PlayStation 5 was still great. Within a few minutes, the contingent was sold out. Thus, the entire drop amounted to about 15 minutes.

Furthermore, the chances of getting one of the popular Sony consoles seem to be high, especially in brick-and-mortar stores. We therefore highly recommend you to visit your local store (Media Markt* or Saturn*) and ask. The best thing to do is to go directly to an employee in the gaming department. If you are lucky, you can reserve the PS5 for a deposit and have it at home within the next few weeks.


Update 20 July 2022

Gamers could finally order the PS5 bundle with “Horizon: Forbidden West “* at Amazon this morning! However, the drop only lasted about 15 minutes – so the contingent was (as always) extremely quickly sold out. Playstation fans were also happy at Müller today, where the console could also be ordered online.

You think that’s all? Then you are wrong, because today, Wednesday, could still become a real day of joy for all those who are looking for a Playstation 5. Media Markt* and Saturn* are also supposed to have a PS5 promotion today. Netzwelt reports that there will be a pre-order promotion again, where you can buy a bundle with a Playstation 5 Standard Edition, “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Gran Turismo 7” for 640.00 Euros. To participate in the promotion, all you have to do is stop by your local Media Markt or Saturn and make a down payment of 100.00 Euros. If the rumors are confirmed, many gamers will be able to grab a PS5 today!


Update 19 July 2022

Monday started with a small Playstation 5 success for all willing buyers. The Sony console was available in a bundle at Alternate* from 15:30. The bundle, which the retailer did not unlock for the first time, includes: the PS5, a remote control and the premium headset Epoc H3PRO Hybrid. Cost point: 712.99 euros. In the meantime, the bundle is offline again – congratulations to everyone who was able to get hold of a console.

Media Markt* and Saturn* are still hot favorites for an upcoming drop. Keep your eyes peeled here today as well. For tomorrow, Wednesday, you should focus on Amazon in particular. Connoisseurs know that the mail-order giant is most likely to release its PS5 allotments in the middle of the week.


Update 18 July 2022

Last week, there was not much movement in the Playstation 5 business. That’s why the forecast for this week sounds similar: Media Markt* and Saturn* remain hot favorites. The retailers were able to record the last drops around two months ago. Accordingly, it should soon be that time again here.

As always, you should also keep an eye on Amazon. It is advisable to be especially vigilant on Wednesday. The middle of the week is traditionally the day for a PS5 drop at the shipping giant. It’s important to sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription* beforehand. Only as a member do you have a real chance of winning one of Sony’s popular consoles. Experience shows that the drops at Amazon take place between 8:30 and 11:00 am.


Update 15 July 2022

The weekend is just around the corner, and unfortunately, once again, everything points to the fact that we won’t be able to buy a Playstation 5 today. But there is a (faint) light at the end of the tunnel: Gameswirtschaft reports that PS5 bundles can be pre-ordered at some expert stores. So you should call the next store or just drop by – maybe you’ll be lucky!

Otherwise, it’s still a good idea to regularly check out the various retailers that might sell the Playstation 5.


Update 14 July 2022

As always, hopes were pinned on Amazon* yesterday. After all, Wednesday is the traditional drop day of the mail-order giant. However, the PS5 sales promotion failed to materialize. Accordingly, Amazon will probably only become interesting again next week. Otherwise, the current week has been quite quiet – at least in online retail. From the brick-and-mortar stores, PS5 sales could be heard here and there, but there was no talk of earth-shattering contingents.

At Media Markt* and Saturn*, this could be the case at any time this week. The reason: Both retailers belong to Sony’s big Playstation 5 buyers in Germany. In the meantime, the last drop was almost two months ago. It’s about time again. The motto is: Keep your eyes open.


Update 13 July 2022

The big question in terms of Playstation 5 today, Wednesday: will Sony’s popular console be available for purchase on the second day of Amazon Prime Day? It’s clear: Just because Amazon these days just shoots out the discounts, that does not mean that probably the rarest product of recent years is reduced to have. The Playstation 5 is and will remain scarce for the time being. It could still be dropped today. Just not at the lowest price. The middle of the week has proven to be the most frequent promotion day for the PS5 sale at Amazon in the past. Usually, the mail-order giant releases its contingents between 8:00 and 11:00 am. So keep your eyes open – and especially look at the current bundles.


Update 11 July 2022

In June, the chances of getting your hands on a Playstation 5 were good, especially in brick-and-mortar stores. With a bit of luck, you could take one of the popular consoles home with you in your local store upon request.

What about PS5 drops during Prime Day week? After Amazon* itself recently sold a batch of consoles, it’s hard to estimate whether there will be another direct sales promotion this week. But one thing is clear: you won’t be able to buy the Playstation 5 at a reduced price. We advise you to keep an eye on Media Markt* and Saturn*. The last drop was almost two months ago. The retailers have also recently listed new bundles.


Update 8 July 2022

There were a whole two drops this week. On the one hand Otto* had the Playstation 5 back in the store. On the other hand, PS5 hunters could try their luck at Alternate*. The contingents were not huge, but still.

Interestingly, the chances of getting hold of a Playstation 5 seem to be particularly good in stationary retail. More and more voices are being raised that a purchase was made by simply asking at the local store. Our tip for the weekend: Just ask the store around the corner – either in person or in advance by phone – how the PS5 situation is.


Update 7 July 2022

Yesterday, Wednesday, Otto* was finally talking about the Playstation 5 again. Two PS5 bundles were unlocked. Both bundles contained the PS5 with drive and the game “Horizon: Forbidden West”. One set also included the game “Gran Turismo 7,” and the other included a DualSense controller in the color Punk. However, as expected, the contingents were quickly sold out.

So far this Thursday, retailers are keeping quiet. However, for those who the news did not reach yesterday, the announcement for the release of the action game “God of War Ragnarok” should please. The game is set to arrive on November 9, 2022, according to Sony Interactive.


Update July 5, 2022

We won’t beat around the bush: You should check directly if the PS5 bundle “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” is still available at Amazon*. Cost: at least 829.00 Euros. This is clearly more than the manufacturer’s RRP. However, if you have been looking for a Playstation 5 for a long time, you should be happy to pay the extra price.


Update 4 July 2022

Last week was exciting. Finally, there was another Playstation 5 drop at Amazon – and it wasn’t small. Many PS5 hunters probably walked out of the sale with one of the popular consoles. In addition, other retailers like Computeruniverse* and Alternate* had smaller PS5 drops. It is interesting to note that retailers like Media Markt*, Saturn* and Euronics* have not released any Playstation 5 contingents for an unusually long time. We therefore advise you to check these retailers on a daily basis. Important: Create an account with all retailers in advance so that you can act as quickly as possible in case of a drop.


Update 1 July 2022

New month, new luck? Could be, at least according to Noah Struthoff from “Ingame”. Media Markt and Saturn are hot candidates for a PS5 replenishment – and have apparently been for a few days now. However, it is likely that these are local promotions in individual stores. This is supported by the fact that you could pre-order the Playstation 5 for a short time in a store in Münster. In addition, there is supposed to be a similar pre-order campaign in Regensburg over the weekend. This was leaked by a reader of “Ingame”. But what about the rest of Germany? The safest option for a Playstation 5 purchase remains the electricity provider E wie Einfach. There, you can secure the PS5 Disc Edition + “Horizon: FW” including 12 months of PS Plus with an electricity contract*.


Update 30 June 2022

Yesterday, Wednesday, the hotly anticipated Playstation 5 drop finally took place at Amazon*. The sales campaign lasted a whole half hour. Unusual – the Sony console is otherwise sold out within seconds. On the one hand, the longer time span can be explained by a larger contingent. On the other hand, inflation and the associated savings behavior of consumers could be used as an explanation. Finally, we can’t speak of a normalization in terms of Playstation sales for a long time yet. According to reports, production in the Asian region is slowly increasing again, but it will still take months or even years until the popular console is normally available online.

No patience or time? Alternatively, these two bundles are available in conjunction with an electricity contract or smart TV:

With electricity contract: PS5 Disc Edition+ Horizon: FW including 12 months PS Plus with new contract at E wie Einfach*.


Update 29 June 2022

At Amazon it was a few minutes ago finally again: The Playstation 5 was dropped. The bundle including “Horizon: Forbidden West “* had shortly received the Prime notice and was unlocked punctually at 09:00.


Update 28 June 2022

Strong favorites remain Media Markt and Saturn this week. Both retailers haven’t dropped a Playstation 5 in more than 40 days. Accordingly, it might just be that time again. After all, both Media Markt and Saturn have proven to be reliable PS5 suppliers in the past. The new bundles that have been listed in the stores since last week also speak for an imminent drop.

You should also keep an eye on Amazon. There is no Prime notice on the corresponding PS5 product pages yet, but the mail-order giant could come up with a surprise drop tomorrow, Wednesday. As always, we advise you to take the precaution of signing up for Amazon Prime. Only as a member you will be considered in the allocation of the quickly sold out contingents.


Update 27 June 2022

A new week, a new fortune in terms of PS5. The supply of consoles still does not seem to have increased significantly. However, it is also noticeable that in the meantime many Playstation 5 fans have gotten their hands on their console. There is at least no other way to explain why a PS5 bundle was recently available at Alternate* for several days and even over the weekend.

So how does it look this week? After a drop break of almost two months, it could soon be that time again, at least at Media Markt* and Saturn*. To get in on the action quickly, you should take the precaution of creating an account with the retailers. Also in the running for a sale this week is mail-order giant Amazon. As always, we advise you to keep an eye on the corresponding product pages. Here, too, you should sign up for a membership in advance.


Update 24 June 2022

Saturn and Media Markt have several PS5 bundles listed today that are expected to go on sale soon. So log in now and add the consoles to your wishlist! Chances are good that the sale will start today. While the fact that PS5 drops are rare on a Friday speaks against this, the fact that the new bundles were only recently added and there hasn’t been an online sale at tech retailers in almost a month gives reason for hope.

If there’s a sale at Media Markt or Saturn, it’s likely to be in the morning or mid-morning. So keep a particularly close eye on the product pages between 9:00 and 11:00 and between 13:00 and 15:00.

By the way At Alternate*, a PS5 bundle that has been available since yesterday is still listed! With a little patience, you might be able to get the Playstation 5, Logitech G935 headphones, “Horizon: Forbidden West” and “Gran Turismo 7”.


Update 23 June 2022

At 10:30 am, another PS5 sale has started at Playstation Direct. In the past, it was possible to buy a PS5 bundle without an invitation following the closed sale. We’ll find out if that’s also the case today from around 12:00. Be sure to check out Playstation Direct then!

Otto* also sold PS5 bundles again this morning – but the stocks were obviously not very large, because the consoles were sold out extremely quickly. Of course, more devices might be unlocked – so keep an eye on the PS5 overview page* today.

And since all good things come in threes, there is also a chance for a PS5 drop at Media Markt and Saturn. So Gameswirtschaft reports that there are indications of Playstation 5 sales at the tech giants. So today is an exciting day for PS5 fans!


Update 22 June 2022

The statistics speak for themselves: Amazon has sold the Playstation 5 exclusively on a Wednesday in the entire year 2022 – the last time three weeks ago. What does that tell us? First, just five drops in almost seven months isn’t much, so Sony’s PS5 shipments are still holding strong. Second, today could be it again! Of course, there is no guarantee of a PS5 drop at Amazon, but the chances are better than on other days. Moreover, the console has already been offered at Amazon France, Italy and the UK this week – so Germany could be next.


Update 21 June 2022

Alternate* still offers the Playstation 5 bundle. Since Friday, you can buy the PS5 including the hybrid headset “EPOS H3PRO” and a remote control with which you can control services on the console. A bundle has never been available for so long since its market launch.

Also, we advise you to keep your eyes on Amazon this week. In France and the UK, the PS5 will be available on Tuesday morning. This is not a guarantee for a drop in Germany, but it could still happen:


Update 20 June 2022

Last Friday (06/17/2022), Alternate* unlocked a Playstation 5 bundle – and, oh wonder, it’s still in stock. Quite untypical, after all, the rare PS5 is usually out of stock after seconds. For 712.99 Euros, you get the Sony console including the hybrid headset “EPOS H3PRO” and a remote control that allows you to control streaming services on the console.


Update 17 June 2022

After there were no major drops on yesterday’s holiday, we can still hope today. Because after holidays there were in recent months of the frequent sales promotions. A special focus is on Media Markt and Saturn. After the last pre-order campaign, we can assume that PS5 supplies are just arriving at the tech giants. With a bit of luck, we can expect an online sale soon.

The problem: Instead of large PS5 drops, retailers are currently selling mini contingents to customers who happen to ask for them – and without notice. Accordingly, there have been no PS5 sales at most online stores for over a month now. However, there is still reason for hope, because we could expect an increasing number of drops again in the second half of June – just like in March, April and May.

Our tip: Just go to an electronics store on the off chance and ask for the Playstation 5, because the waiting lists are much shorter now.


Update 16 June 2022

Yesterday, Wednesday, passed without any PS5 consoles being available for purchase on Amazon*. The Prime notice, which is usually followed by drops, hasn’t appeared yet either. What does that mean for today, Thursday? We recommend looking at smaller retailers like Euronics*, for example. The provider was not able to unlock any contingents in the past months, despite supplies from Sony. This could be the case again soon.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on Amazon. After all, the mail-order giant recently listed no less than four new bundles that have not been sold yet.


Update 15 June 2022

Wednesday is Amazon* day in the world of Playstation 5 hunters. Those in the know know that the shipping giant has unlocked most PS5 contingents on a Wednesday in recent months. So what does it look like this Wednesday, June 15? So far, the Prime notice, which is usually followed by a drop, has not yet appeared on the product pages. However, Amazon does have a new bundle in the lineup. The bundle includes the PS5 game “Horizon: Forbidden West” and DualSense controllers. Cost point: 600.00 to 620.00 Euros. Amazon drops usually take place between 08:00 and 11:00. So you should still keep an eye on the retailer. You can find all relevant product pages here:


Update 14 June 2022

The good news this Tuesday: at least one drop is definitely coming. The bad news: This is a factory sale of Playstation Direct. You can only be there if you have been invited via email beforehand. This only happens if you are already registered at PS Direct. We advise all members to check their mail inbox (or spam folder) in the next few minutes. The sale will take place between 10:30 and 12:00.

Since yesterday, you also have the chance to sign up for a Playstation 5 waiting list at MediaMarkt* and Saturn*. Attention: The action takes place exclusively in the local stores and is not announced online. It is also not known which stores actually offer the waiting lists.

As far as online retail is concerned, we advise you to take a look at Amazon today. Possibly, the well-known Prime notice could already appear on the corresponding product pages today, which is reliably followed by a PS5 drop. After all, tomorrow, Wednesday, is traditionally the day of the week when Amazon releases its Playstation 5 allotments.


Update 13 June 2022

When there’s a lull online, a sales promotion in brick-and-mortar retail comes from somewhere: As “Games Wirtschaft” confirms, you can once again pre-order Playstation 5 consoles in MediaMarkt* and Saturn* stores. As always, we don’t know if the bundles will be available for purchase in all stores – but we advise you to stand in line right when the stores open today, Monday, to get your hands on one of the popular consoles. As always, these types of sales promotions are not announced online, but are only advertised on-site with a display stand.


Update 10 June 2022

Since Thursday, June 9, 2022, the PS5 was available in a bundle with an HD camera and the game “ 22” at MyToys – but at a very high price that significantly exceeded the MSRP. However, that did not stop customers from striking. Even the overpriced Playstation 5 bundle is now completely out of stock. Things don’t look any better for other providers either. Experience shows that a drop is not to be expected on the weekend, which is why you can only hope for Playstation 5 supplies next week at the earliest, i.e. from June 13, 2022.


Update 9. June 2022

Unfortunately, nothing came of yesterday’s Amazon drop*. Since the mail-order giant usually releases its PS5 contingents on Wednesday, we currently do not expect any sales action today, Thursday. Besides Amazon, the popular console was last available at Otto*, Media Markt* and Saturn*. Those who are tired of the unpredictable search for a Playstation 5 that can be bought by now should take a look at the following options. After all, the PS5 can always be ordered directly with the right wallet:

With power contract: PS5 Disc Edition+ Horizon: FW including 12 months of PS Plus with new contract at E wie Einfach*.

With Smart-TV: PS5 Disc Edition including LG 55 at LGComputeruniverse*

With cell phone contract: PS5 Digital Edition including two controllers with new contract at O2*.


Update 8 June 2022

So far, there is no concrete indication that PS5 sales promotions will take place at the usual retailers today. Therefore, instead of going to Otto*, Media Markt*, Saturn* or Euronics*, we advise you to rather keep an eye out at Amazon. After all, at least today’s weekday can be linked to Playstation 5 drops. According to our experience, the mail-order giant always releases its PS5 contingents on a Wednesday.

To make sure you have a chance at Amazon, you should sign up for a Prime subscription*. Additionally, it helps if you put the following product pages on your watch list.

You also have the option of getting a Playstation 5 from O2*, where you can get the console in combination with a cell phone plan. All you have to do is select the O2 Grow rate with 40 gigabytes of volume and you’ll get a Playstation 5 Digital Edition with an additional controller as a bonus. You should hurry, though, because there is only a limited amount of consoles available!


Update 7 June 2022

The last Playstation 5 drop was just a few days ago. Nevertheless, it is always worthwhile to have the mail-order giant on your radar. After all, most of the consoles went over the digital counter at Amazon in the past. However, to really have a chance at one of Sony’s consoles, you should take the precaution of signing up for an Amazon Prime membership*. Without this, there is hardly any chance of success at the next drop.

If you don’t want to wait for the next drop, you can also take a shortcut to the longed-for PS5. At E wie einfach, you can get a PS5 bundle in combination with an energy rate.


Update 2 June 2022

As expected, Amazon sold a “Horizon: Forbidden West” bundle yesterday – and you could also secure the Playstation 5 again at Otto after a three-week break. As usual, the consoles were sold out quickly. In other words, we can’t expect a PS5 drop at Amazon or Otto today, but we might be lucky at other retailers.

And possibly at Media Markt* and Saturn*. In recent months, the electronics retailers often sold the Playstation 5 on Thursday. Today could be the day again, because there have been rumors for some time that a new pre-order promotion is to be organized again. Furthermore, the PS5 product pages contain the note “soon available again”. So make sure to keep an eye on both stores today!

If you have already got hold of a Playstation 5, you can still secure exciting offers around the PS5 until June 8, 2022 as part of the Sony Days of Play. Here you can find some interesting deals:


Update 1 June 2022

Today all eyes are on Amazon. Because there all four PS5 drops of the year 2022 have taken place on a Wednesday – and always in the morning. Will that be the case again today? Statistically, the chances are better in any case. In addition, new bundles have appeared on Amazon today. You can soon get the Standard Edition* or the Digital Edition* of the Playstation 5 in combination with an additional DualSense controller.

Besides Amazon, you should also keep an eye on these stores:


Update 31 May 2022

In Germany alone, there are already more than one million Playstation 5 owners. Thus, many fans can already call the console their own. Nevertheless, it is still far from being possible to simply walk into a store and pick up a PS5. The Playstation 5 is still only available via drop – and currently at most once a month at retailers like Otto, Amazon, Saturn or Media Markt.

For all those who have not yet been able to get hold of a console, it is therefore unfortunately still important to wait for the timing of the drops. Today, we don’t have any good news on the drop front: It doesn’t look like we can expect any sales. From a purely statistical point of view, however, Amazon’s chances are quite good on Wednesday – we’ll see if that’s also the case tomorrow. In any case, you should be well prepared just in case. So be sure to sign up for a Prime membership*, set up a payment method, and put the Playstation 5 on your wish list. You can find the console on Amazon here:


Update 30 May 2022

After a break of almost a year, you could order the one Playstation 5 at Gamestop again last week – and in combination with “Horizon: Forbidden West”. So possibly this bundle could show up at other retailers in the coming days and weeks. Otherwise, it’s been rather quiet around the PS5, as it usually is lately. But as we know, that can change quickly. So keep an eye on these stores in any case:

There’s also good news for PS5 fans today! FutureZone reports that Sony wants to sell 18 million consoles in the fiscal year 2022/23 – in 2021/22 it was only 11.5 million. Thus, it might finally be possible for all gamers to get their hands on a Playstation 5 this year.

This is especially handy when top games are only released for the latest console generation. Currently, you can also buy most blockbusters in a PS4 version. But the transition to the new console generation has already begun. For example, the “Fallen Order” sequel “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” will only be released for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5 in 2023 – so the PS4 will be left empty-handed. Accordingly, it is recommended to switch to the PS5 soon in order to really be able to play all top titles in the future – provided you get your hands on a console.


Update 25 May 2022

An XXL bundle was listed at Alternate* for a short time this morning. For 919.00 Euros, gamers could buy a Playstation 5, three games (“Elden Ring”, “Gran Turismo 7” and “WWE 2K”), an HD camera and a Hori Racing Wheel APEX.

But even for those who couldn’t (or didn’t want to) secure the PS5 bundle, there’s good news today! Because as expected, the Sony Days of Play deals have started. Unfortunately, the Playstation 5 is not included in the deals – it would have been too good to miss. But you can buy the DualSense controller for 49.99 Euros*. Or you can get the new “Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves” for only 19.99 Euros* (for comparison: the RRP is 59.99 Euros). You can find the deals in the Playstation Store and at retail partners like Saturn*, Media Markt*, Otto* and Amazon*.


May 24, 2022

Currently, there are numerous rumors about the Days of Play 2022. Sony’s annual campaign, during which you can benefit from discounts and community promotions, is supposed to start tomorrow, Wednesday – but there is no official announcement yet. According to a well-informed source, the promotion will run from May 25 to June 8 in 2022.

Maybe the Days of Play will console you about the lack of PS5 drops. In the meantime, the official “Horizon: Forbidden West” bundle is listed on Playstation Direct – but only members invited via email can participate in the Direct sales. There is a lot to suggest that there will soon be a drop at Playstation Direct – maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.



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