POV Vegeta and Bulma making Trunks – Fortnite eSports

Weapons – Assault Rifles

Assault Weapons are a type of weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The purpose of these weapons is for medium range to long range combat, and mostly use Medium Ammo – Icon – Fortnite.png Medium Ammo, however some use Light Ammo – Icon – Fortnite.png Light Ammo.

Maps Fortnite – Paradise Palms

Moisty Mire has been hit by a drought! In his position is now a desert outpost full of loot and new opportunities.” Paradise Palms is an area on the map of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. It replaced the Moisty Mire area at the beginning of – Season 5.

Fortnite Skins – Getaway Gang (Set)

The Getaway Gang is a set of multiple skins that can be used in Fortnite ‘s Battle Royale mode . Some of them are available in the item shop , some of them could only be obtained through the Ace starter pack .

Fortnite Items – Poison Dart Trap

The Poison Dart Trap is a trap in Fortnite ‘s Battle Roylae mode that can be placed on floors as well as walls or ceilings. The trap can be found on the ground. It can be activated from as little as three horizontal tiles or four vertical tiles, firing poison darts. Targets hit by poison darts take damage over time that deals directly to condition and bypasses shields.

Fortnite Outfits – Vendetta

Vendetta is a Legendary Skin for the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite that is obtained as a reward for level 100 of the – Season 9 Battle Pass . He is also part of the Killer in a Suit set. The Retribution back bling and the Mech Axe harvesting tool can be obtained by completing Vendetta Challenges.

Fortnite Pickaxes – Renegade Rollers

The Renegade Rollers are a rare harvesting tool for Fortnite ‘s Battle Royale mode , obtained as a reward for completing all of the Blockbuster Mission tasks . It is also part of the Aerosol Assassins set. The Rebel Roller Pickaxe consists of two paint rollers that drip paint. The player holds one roller in his hand at a time. This makes the Rebel Roller Pickaxe one of the two-part pickaxes in the game.

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