Lissandra & Trundle Deck – Runeterra

PRAA is WATCHER Best Friend Now ! – Lissandra & Trundle Deck – of #Runeterra World Ender Gameplay | LOR. Thank you to Legends of #Runeterra – Topic for uploading this video

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Deck Region : Ionia & Freljord

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Timestamps :
0:00​​​​​​​ Preview
0:29​​ Game 1 VS Braum Vladimir
9:41​​ Game 2 VS Sivir Akshan
16:44​​ Game 3 VS Ryze
23:19 Game 4 VS Pantheon Yuumi
31:16 Game 5 VS Viego Kalista
37:36 Game 6 VS Illaoi Udyr

Music : Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Climax Theme 1

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Darkin Saga : World Ender / Bloodwoven
Legends of #Runeterra Indonesia / LoR ID
Server : APAC / SEA
Patch : 3.21.0

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20 Replies to “Lissandra & Trundle Deck – Runeterra”

I have a deck idea what about mobilize challanger deck with jinx garen or jarvan the idea is if we find mobilize we can setup explosive turns maybe flame chomper army with draw card and next turn if we find challanger 4 mana 3/2 card that buffs challanger units its win win. Jinx and quick attack weapon are for fuel if we need and maybe few copies of rummage

Can you please build a deck with an underrated combo of challenger unit (Braum/Stalking Wolf), Syncopation, and overwhelm units (Ancient Yeti, etc.)
Basically your goal is to have things to swap overwhelm damage on, and Braum or Stalking Wolf can drag small units then you can synco once they give back priority. You can include buff cards like unleashed spirits and revna

I’ll support you even if I don’t like the deck sometimes 🙂 thanks again for the glorious evolution deck you lucky-CHAD 💪😁

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