Pragmatic Play – Gold Train – Free Slot Game

Take a ride on the Gold Train, a 3×3, 5-line video slot. Earn the chance to board the train and win the progressive bonus where each train car awards a random prize. Start with 5 train cars and collect golden UPGRADE tickets to add 5 more for each one collected.

All aboard, the gold train is ready to leave the platform. Buy a ticket and board the Golden Train, which can bring you a fabulous prize of 513 times your bet. Hit the silver and the gold ticket on the reels.

Game details

The train station is so crowded that you can hardly make out the number of the platform you are looking for. You can see happy people who just got off a train and hug their loved ones, and sad people saying goodbye to their families. Oh, train stations are so emotional! As you walk through this crowd, you see a stunning golden train on platform 777.

“The winning train is leaving, all aboard!” you hear the conductor yell. Oh, this is the only train that can take you to the “Multiply Your Winnings” station! Hurry up and you will still catch it!

How to play

Gold Train is a 3 reel, 3 payline slot where you can win a prize worth 513 times your total bet. The RTP is set at an impressive 97.16%, and the volatility is low.

The symbols stay true to the railroad motif:

  • 3 Lucky 7’s – pays 10x your bet if you land 3 on a payline.
  • Conductor’s hat – pays 8x your bet if you hit 3 on a payline
  • Red and green flags – pays 6.66 times your bet if you land 3 on a payline
  • Red and brown bell – pays 5 times your bet when you land 3 on a payline
  • 3 BAR logos – pays 3.33 times your bet if you land 3 on a payline
  • 2 BAR Logos – pays 2.66 times your bet if you land 3 on a payline
  • 1 BAR logo – pays 1.66 times your bet if you land 3 on a payline

The fastest symbol to get you on the right track is the wild symbol. It represents a steam locomotive approaching at the speed of light. This symbol can substitute for any other, except for the scatter and upgrade symbols. If you land 3 on the screen, it also pays 166.66 times your bet.

A shiny silver ticket represents the scatter symbol. This elegant and fancy symbol is your ride to the progressive bonus feature.

The third important symbol is the upgrade symbol. It looks like a luxurious golden train ticket with the words “Upgrade” written on it. Each upgrade symbol you land is collected in a small section in the left corner of the screen. The more Golden Train Ticket symbols you collect, the more prizes you get in the progressive bonus round. Keep reading and it will all make sense.

How to win

To enter the Progressive Bonus feature, you need two tickets in your pocket: the silver ticket, the scatter ticket, and the golden ticket, also called the upgrade ticket. Together, these two tickets can bring you massive wins!

The Progressive Bonus Feature

Hit 3 or more silver ticket symbols on the reels to unlock the feature. To play this round, you need both silver and gold train tickets. Otherwise, the conductor will not let you into the progressive bonus compartment of the train.

The feature awards various prizes represented as (guess what) a train! A golden train will travel across the screen, carrying a trail of wagons behind it. Each train car will be empty to reveal a cash prize – these are then added up and paid to you. Each golden train ticket you collected before this round can add 4 to 10 train cars in the progressive bonus feature.

In the train cars, you will also find upgrade tickets instead of cash prizes. This means that the train will get an additional 4 to 10 train cars. The more golden train tickets, the more chances to win cash prizes!

Bets and Wins

You need to place bets on all 3 active paylines to play this 3 payline video slot. You can cover them with up to 10 coins in denominations ranging from €0.01 to €0.50. The total range of a bet in Gold Train is between €0.03 and €15. There are tickets to board this train for every purse.


The first screen shows the reel in a frame made of steel. It looks like the game is placed in the corridor connection of a train. On the right side of the reels you can see a small bell, which announced to travelers the departure of the train.

When you spin the reels, you hear casino-inspired music in your headphones, which is unusual for a train, but quite common in 3-reel slots.

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